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azonenbergStages just arrived00:42
azonenberghave yet to try them but they look nice00:42
glowplug`I created a logo if you want to set it.  Its not the best but... well yeah...00:44
glowplug`Also your link to the mediawiki on googlecode is broken.  ;)00:44
Sync_hmm they only have a linear slide in the middle00:49
Sync_oh nice, those are not all THAT expensive http://www.schneeberger.com/uploads/pics/Spezialkomponenten_01.jpg00:53
glowplug`As a replacement for the guide rods?00:58
Sync_those are VERY nice :D01:05
Sync_they are absolutely free of any play01:05
glowplug`How much for a set?01:05
Sync_around 200$ I'd have thought they'd be more expensive01:07
glowplug`I think I'll attempt the guiderods.  =D01:07
Sync_I'm currently getting some better measuring equipment01:08
Sync_I mean, you get something that is guaranteed to be within 5µm/1000mm01:11
Sync_the only issue is that your body where they ride in needs to be quite accurate01:21
azonenbergglowplug`: where did the background come from?01:56
azonenbergjust double checking IP rights01:57
Sync_pressphoto, I'd say it's fine02:04
azonenbergWe're not using it for commentary on intel's chips though02:05
azonenbergso fair use is more questionable02:05
azonenbergI'm going to say no02:05
Sync_just looked through the press kit site, they have no disclaimers anywhere02:09
azonenbergAs a result, one would assume they still own the copyright02:10
azonenbergAnd are not granting any rights other than use of it in commentary on *their* silicon02:10
azonenbergi'd be fine with using it to talk about their stuff02:10
azonenbergBut we're talking about ours02:10
Sync_that's pretty constructed02:10
azonenbergCopyright law defaults to the rights holder being the only one allowed to do anything with it02:10
glowplug`Andrew.  Set the new logo!02:12
azonenbergglowplug`: I was just talking with Sync_ about it02:14
azonenbergI like it, but see if you can find a public domain wafer image to use02:14
azonenberglast thing i want is the project a copyright complaint from intel02:15
glowplug`No way!02:15
glowplug`Do you think they would actually care?02:15
azonenbergWhen you're a bug02:15
azonenbergannoying a 500-pound gorilla is usually a bad idea02:15
azonenbergI doubt they would, but i don't like taking chances when there are such easy alternatives02:16
glowplug`The wiki doesn't even show up on google.  Haha02:16
azonenbergIt hasnt been up long02:16
azonenbergBut we're going to start getting more attention eventually02:16
azonenbergAnd i just don't want legal trouble on top of all of the technical challenges02:17
Sync_well, they'd probably file a dcma notice if they'd really care02:17
azonenbergThey would02:17
azonenbergAnd i'd just take it down and be fine02:17
Sync_yean you'd remove it and everything is fine02:17
azonenbergBut a project logo is going to be all over the place02:17
azonenbergit'd be a pain to change02:17
Sync_that's true02:17
azonenbergSo for that especially i want to err on the side of caution02:17
azonenbergif it was an internal page talking about intel's fab technology02:18
azonenbergby all means do it02:18
azonenbergPublic domain, excellent02:18
Sync_this one is quite dark02:18
azonenbergglowplug`: can you rework the image based off that?02:19
azonenbergchange brightness, rotate, whatever02:19
azonenbergbut that one is declared public domain so we can do whatever we want with it02:19
glowplug`I'll make a different one.  8)02:20
glowplug`That was strange.02:23
Sync_The effort was plagued by a series of disasters, including floods which delayed the construction of the plant and later ruined the clean-room interior.02:24
Sync_don't do that :D02:24
glowplug`I found another wafer picture that was on a wallpaper website.  It was originally from a phenom II.02:26
glowplug`Would that probably be fine?02:26
Sync_if it does not say that it is public domain, probably no02:32
glowplug`It was on some obscure free wallpaper page.02:34
azonenbergUnless you can trace it to someone officially releasing it as PD (including sources), no02:35
glowplug`What about am image under this license?02:41
azonenbergStill a bit restrictive02:43
azonenbergWhy not the public domain one on wiki?02:43
glowplug`Already got it.  Uploading.  =)02:46
glowplug`Here is the source image.02:53
azonenbergCC-A-SA? Ok, that's fine for our needs02:54
glowplug`Replaced both files.  8)02:55
glowplug`Plus it's a mask!  My kind of logo.  Haha02:55
azonenbergI'm in the middle of something but will update the URL to use that page shortly02:56
azonenbergthat's good enough as a start02:56
glowplug`Totally not intended to be an epic logo.02:56
glowplug`Just to get the "put your logo here" thing.  =)02:56
azonenbergLol yeah02:56
glowplug`Also the wiki link from google code is broken.  8)03:06
azonenbergI know03:45
azonenbergi havent copied it over yet03:45
azonenbergwill do later03:45
glowplug`Haha.  Its no rush.  8)03:45
glowplug`I read some of your updates to the supplies section.  Very cool stuff.  =)03:46
glowplug`We need a TON more info.  Is there anyone else that can contribute to the wiki?03:46
azonenbergSync_ has an account but idk if he's used it yet03:47
azonenbergNobody else has asked for one03:47
azonenbergi'll make them on request for anyone03:47
azonenbergjust keep it manual for now to avoid spam03:47
glowplug`Agreed.  There was someone from Singapore on here.  I was trying to recruit him. Haha03:57
azonenbergi forget how many zeros and ones03:57
glowplug`Yeah.  Haha03:57
azonenbergnmz787_: in the topic05:18
azonenbergpublic readable for for spam reasons i need to make an account for people to be able to edit05:18
azonenbergbut for*05:18
glowplug`Off to bed.  -_-05:23
nmz787_what's a measure of viscosity?06:27
azonenbergnot a clue06:29
azonenbergi know there are standard units06:29
azonenbergBut have never needed to use them06:29
Sync_nmz787_: cst10:55
Sync_meh that was more expensive than I'd have liked21:05
Sync_bought a 1/1000mm resolving dti with 50mm travel21:19
glowplugAhh the more accurate instrumentation you mentioned.21:20
Sync_I have one of those: http://sync-hv.de/~tmp/extramess1.jpg21:22
Sync_but it has only 1.6mm travel21:22
glowplugMaybe I will get real tools some day.  Haha21:28
Sync_well that thing is 850¬21:29
glowplugMany real tools are.  xD21:29
glowplugAny progress on the steel leadscrews?21:30
Sync_exam in two days21:30
Sync_actually, I paid 80¬ on it on ebay..21:37
Sync_maybe I'll hit the steel dealers tomorrow21:45
glowplugAwesome.  =)21:47
Sync_I *should* learn instead but oh so well21:49
glowplugAbsolutely not!  Haha21:50
glowplugThe world needs you.21:50
Sync_ah well. it really seems we had a short in the vacuum :/22:39
glowplugSo now you can focus on whats really importat... the leadscrews?  ;)22:55
Sync_nah I'll learn tomorrow (hopefully)22:57
glowplugA semiconductor fairy just died.  =(23:15
Sync_that's ok23:17
Sync_I can make enough new ones at work23:17
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