#homecmos IRC log for Monday, 2013-03-18

B0101sigh... what could be more worse than having an eviction notice to leave your own lab premises?22:53
glowplugWhat happened???23:06
glowplugThat doesn't sound good.  O_O23:09
B0101well, my experiments relating to semiconductors and such are usually done at home, but now, I am asked to move out of the place as they want to demolish buildings in the area for redevelopment23:22
B0101so I have to leave by 28 of next month and into a unit of smaller size23:23
Sync__is it that hard to find room in singapore?23:28
B0101They have already relocated an apartment for me, but its so small that I cannot fit anything else other than my own personal items23:29
B0101and yes, finding a place of *suitable size* can be very hard23:31
Sync__yes but you could just find something else that is bigger23:31
B0101some people wait for 2+ years but nothing23:31
B0101sigh... time for me to go down to the housing agency to appeal...23:40
glowplugDamn that sucks.23:54
glowplugMaybe there is a hacker space he can find.23:54
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