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B0101hmmm interesting, in a simulation, Al ions @ 30 KeV displace quite a number of Silicon atoms from the target, but none of the Al ions actually replace the displaced Si atoms...02:05
B0101so, I assume we need to get to the MeV range to get actual implantation?02:11
azonenbergHundreds of keV might be enough02:13
azonenbergIn any case, diffusion is much easier to do at home02:13
glowplugWe don't need that technology for ~405nm and larger devices though correct?02:13
azonenbergjust coat the ion source onto the surface of the wafer and heat up to 1000C or so02:14
azonenbergglowplug: 405 is rather optimistic02:14
azonenbergi'd shoot for a micron02:14
azonenbergwith 5 and 10 as stepping stones02:14
azonenbergAnd no, you dont need implantation for large devices02:14
azonenbergdiffusion is fine02:14
glowplugI have solved quite a few problems today.02:14
glowplugOne major problem is with the glass linear encoders I am curious if you have some insight.02:16
glowplugI can get 5 micron accuracy for $200 per axis.02:17
glowplugIts gets unrealistically expensive after that.02:17
glowplugIf I can get 1 micron cuts in a glass strip I can handle the optics / electronics.  So what I'm trying to do is get the strip outsourced and DIY everything else.02:19
glowplugThe reason for the linear encoder is real-time antibacklash compensation.  Without it the repeat accuracy of the machine wont be ~1 micron it would probably be far worse.02:20
glowplugAlso by $200 per axis I mean $200 per linear encoder not counting any other parts.  That price really need to drop to keep the machine cost reasonable.02:27
glowplugOh right I was supposed to remind you about the wiki page.  Haha02:54
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