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B0101Hi, anyone thought of using Aluminium as a N-type dopant?12:19
B0101oh sorry, I mean P-Type dopant12:22
B0101ahhh... Quantum Mechanics *is* weird...17:01
B0101I just can't get over the fact that just by measuring a state, we change its result...17:02
Sync__why not?17:14
B0101well, for the double slit experiment, does it mean that when we measure the state of a photon, the particle *chooses* its state?17:16
soul-dno so far i understand double slit experiment thats about   single photons interfering   egg  if you shoot  single photons through double slit   you get the same  interferance distribution  on the detector as if you would have with many particles17:20
soul-dand somthing to do with probabilty where you will find the particles17:21
B0101hmmm, but can different observers come out with different results in the same experiment?17:25
B0101for example, 1 team looks only at the interference patterns and records their results while another team, see both the results of the detectors and the interference patterns? Will their results be coherent?17:27
soul-dno otherwise there would be no such thing as double slit experiement17:27
Sync__no because propabilities stay the same17:27
Sync__if you look at single photons then different detectors can have different results17:28
Sync__because you change the state17:28
Sync__(actually there are solutions for that to eavesdrop on quantum computers)17:28
Sync__(but they just use a flaw in the detector)17:29
soul-dwell you can create a multitudie of complex  interference paterns that don't look  the same but the math behind it is the same17:29
Sync__meh. the solutions to the old exams they gave us are wrong17:30
Action: Sync__ rages17:30
soul-dheh as long you passed it's fine ?17:31
Sync__well the exam is on monday17:36
Sync__and I'm like ???? infront of the old ones17:36
soul-dlike as practice ?17:37
Sync__my solutions are either an order of magnitude under or above the solution they gave17:37
Sync__depends on how I interpet a graph17:37
soul-dyeah thats nasty if  you can't even trust example answers17:38
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