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B0101hi, for HF from rust remover, will impurities like Butyl Cellosolve and Nonyl Phenolethoxylate affect the chip in CMOS processes?12:29
Sync__anyting but metal free hf is bad12:30
B0101so organic impurities aren't as bad as metal contaminants?12:31
Sync__yes but you still want to get rid of anything organic12:32
Sync__metal contamination will ruin your lifetime12:32
Sync__which is your main enemy12:35
B0101how high are the chances of organic compounds bonding to the wafer?12:41
Sync__the problem more or less is that rust remover grad hf will not be metal free12:42
Sync__and if it is not metal free it is of no use at all12:42
B0101hmm, the MSDS and label's ingredients list shows no metallic compounds. So I'd have to test for metal compounds?12:44
Sync__metallic compounds are not what you are after12:45
Sync__trace amounts is what it is12:45
Sync__and I'd really wonder if you get trace metal grade HF over the counter12:54
B0101Over the counter? I wish...12:54
B0101more like over the black market counter...12:56
Sync__I guess it'd be easy enough to get hf imported from the us or something12:58
B0101well, for the lab I work in, yes, but for personal use? In my dreams12:59
Sync__just get someone in the us to send it to you12:59
B0101It'll get intercepted in customs check13:00
B0101Even chewing gum is banned here13:01
B0101and I'd be lucky if the package passes the X-ray machine check13:01
Sync__haha I'd move abroad13:02
B0101Though for now, I have an idea13:08
B0101Malaysia is connected to singapore by a bridge linking the 2 together13:08
B0101I noticed that if you're on a family trip (with old folks and even children in the car), they don't even check your belongings and let you through13:09
B0101maybe I can get a friend in Malaysia to send it to me on his next family trip13:10
B0101oops... maybe I should have encrypted my chat session13:11
B0101I don't know about the US but I highly suspect that every single phone call, internet search is intercepted by a live operator13:13
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