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B0101sigh, apprently, getting other isotopes of Silicon are getting harder...08:12
B0101hi, do you think aiming a neutron beam at Silicon 28 atoms will turn them into Silicon 29?11:43
azonenbergB0101: Maybe, not sure11:51
azonenbergnuclear physics isnt my strong point11:51
azonenbergWhat do you want Si-29 for?11:51
B0101Its spin11:53
B0101I feel that we may be able to use the 'Spin Up' or 'Spin Down' states to represent '1' or '0' for Quantum Computation11:55
Sync__B0101: there are neutron transmution doping machines11:58
B0101Sync__: IIRC, someone told me I need quite a high amount of energy to transmutate elements. So how much energy does my beam need to reach?12:01
Sync__well, I guess it just depends on the neutron flux12:02
Sync__because that should be propability12:04
B0101wow... won't you agree that if we have to put an ample amount of nuclear physics into #homecmos, It defeats the 'hobbyist-friendly' part of the project...12:10
Sync__well making thermal neutrons is one of the easier things12:12
Sync__hmm I'm not so sure if you need Si 29 for spintronics12:14
Sync__I'm also not so sure if there is that much use in semiconducting for that, harddisks use it12:18
B0101to compute data?12:19
Sync__to store moar data in the same space12:20
B0101sorry about that, my actual message was: What about Si 29 for computing data?12:21
Sync__well, as I said, I'm not sure if there is much research into that12:21
Sync__there seems to be12:23
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