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--- Wed Feb 20 201300:00
B0101azonenberg: when you do etching, does organic contaminants seriously affect the etch process?15:28
azonenbergDepends on what you're etching15:29
azonenbergand what levels of contamination15:29
azonenbergan RCA clean beforehand never hurts unless you have metal interconnect15:29
Sync_murphy struck again btw15:50
Sync_vented chamber to fix issue, baked chamber, degassed sources, noticed that si is almost empty15:54
azonenbergSi empty?15:56
azonenbergas in SiH4?15:56
Sync_no, the si evaporator15:57
Sync_the chamber has two electron beam evaps, one with Ge and one with Si and well .. after 5 years si ran out15:58
Sync_I might be able to melt the stuff on the walls of the crucible in the middle but uhhh16:00
Sync_the chamber pressure is not going to be happy16:00
azonenbergoh, i thought you loaded the crucible separately for each sample16:18
--- Thu Feb 21 201300:00

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