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B0101azonenberg:  Have you done metal deposition by metal evaporation before?22:07
azonenbergB0101: Yes, but not in my own lab22:08
azonenbergit was using a professionally made tool intended for coating SEM samples22:08
azonenbergthe process is simple enough that i'm confident i could build one given the time22:08
soul-dthis looks like a  channel that can apreciate a random plot  of data http://i.imgur.com/dJJTgWM.jpg22:13
soul-dnow on break  with coffee :P might try  somthing with  countrymap and contour ploting ater on  now back  playing with finincial data22:15
soul-dmore in the osciloscope line  :P  you see any  global warming patern their azon ? :P22:16
azonenbergsoul-d: what are you ploitting?22:17
soul-dthats 100 year data of  average daily temps22:17
soul-dlast plos is  avr min max22:17
soul-dcolor plot botom is 1901    x = days in year where 0 is jan22:19
soul-djust finished fist finencial test22:20
soul-dtop plot is generated in python  from 1minute data22:20
Action: B0101 does not know why 1 inch wafers cost SGD $2522:52
diginetdo you have to use gold for SEM coating?23:24
diginetI've thought about trying to acquire a SEM, but if you have to use gold, that's kind of a deterrent (expensive consumables/cost to operate)23:24
Sync_with a small amount of gold you can go a long way23:27
Sync_it's not as expensive as you think23:27
diginetoh, I know, it just feels. . .well, wrong to waste it :P23:29
diginetI have weird hangups about consumables in general23:29
diginetlike I feel guilty about buying food because it feels like a waste of money (which is clearly absurd)23:29
diginetlike I refuse to ever get helium balloons, the concept just bothers me, since helium is such a finite resource23:30
Sync_then you should never weld tig23:30
Sync_using helium as a shielding gas makes welding Al such a charm23:31
diginetwhy not Ar?23:31
Sync_lower arc temperature23:31
Sync_or rather less heat input23:31
Sync_but yeah liquid helium is getting quite spendy23:35
diginetthat legitimately worries me, once we use up helium it's gone. Our neon, for example, comes from the atmosphere, and goes back into it when we're done, in theory that can be renewed23:41
diginetbut not helium23:41
Sync_we still get he from natural gas wells23:48
diginetI know, but we are depleting it faster than it is being renewed23:58
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