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Sync_diginet: hasteloy c is the solution to a lot of problems01:26
Sync_but is quite spendy01:26
Sync_haha azonenberg that's a bad thing01:29
azonenbergSync_: finding pics, sec02:01
azonenbergSync_: http://colossus.cs.rpi.edu/pictures/2011/June/6-7-2011%20-%20fab%20tests/S7300765.JPG02:09
azonenbergThis was the result of attemtping to etch the Ta2O5 film on the wafer02:10
azonenbergnote one of the lines in the test pattern is floating off somewhere in the upper left02:10
azonenbergthere's bubbles under it02:10
azonenbergAlso worrying was that the Ta2O5 was cracking during the etch02:10
azonenbergnot sure what was going on there02:11
diginetHastelloy C is quite amazing03:27
diginetisn't it generally used for things like nuclear power plant turbines?03:27
Sync_or chemical plant reactors03:33
Sync_it is very annoying to machine03:34
Sync_then there is zircalloy03:35
diginetzircalloy? I take it it is made of zirconium, nuclear right? (doesn't zirconium make a good electron mirror?)03:51
diginetneutron mirror03:51
azonenbergZr is commonly used as fuel rod cladding, yes04:06
diginetthis is kind of unrelated to the subject of homecmos, but you know what would be awesome? holographic lenses, for cameras/etc15:25
diginetyou could make, in theory, ultra-high quality optics for a fraction of the price15:25
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