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nmz787wtf B0101 never stays around long enough to answer, do you check the logs B0101?04:05
azonenbergnmz787: yeah its annoying lol05:11
azonenbergshe asks something then disappears before i can respond05:11
nmz787B0101: hey, do you read the logs?22:18
B0101I haven't read it, why?22:19
nmz787B0101: you ask questions but then sign out before we can answer them22:20
nmz787B0101: so if we knew you read the logs, we could answer them anytime22:20
B0101nmz787: oh, sorry about that22:21
nmz787B0101: just trying to help out  :)22:21
nmz787you asked a while ago about bandgaps22:22
nmz787did you figure that out?22:22
B0101I haven't22:22
nmz787and speed of electron accell22:22
B0101nope, I still don't understand much of how they work, though I believe its the change in the electron energies that force it to change its electron shell position22:25
nmz787so bandgap is the energy difference between different electron orbitals in an atom or the area around it22:26
nmz787some orbitals are able to be conduction paths22:26
nmz787sometimes when electrons fall through the orbitals they release photons22:27
nmz787a good book to read is Feynman's QED22:27
nmz787it's good for the common person to read, so you'll be fine with it22:27
nmz787electron speed is dependent on the voltage at some vacuum level22:27
nmz787or accel i guess22:28
nmz787higher voltage TEM SEM can achieve higher resolution because the faster electrons diverge less during emission to signal capture22:29
nmz787i believe22:29
nmz787B0101: regarding pumps and acid resistance, just get a peristaltic pump and some teflon tubing, or viton22:30
nmz787B0101: this is almost plasma ion implant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-R0_nXpc7I&list=UUGCzKZ2WM4eyrPCnLO9UnFw&index=722:31
Sync_wee, I need to get my plasma etching contraption working again22:40
Sync_D: drawing water through the pump is not the best idea22:40
Sync_hmm, that is not safe22:41
Sync_I've seen rotary vanes explode on pure o222:42
B0101What do you guys think about turning phosphorus metal into plasma gas then forcing it into a silicon substrate to dope the silicon?22:46
Sync_that depends on what you want to do22:47
Sync_to make transistors, get doped wafers22:47
B0101ah, thanks, though again, sorry for the the cut-off's after I ask questions (my schedule is random)23:04
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