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nmz787so i got  DLP projector working with an LED for a light source00:01
nmz787pretty dim at 10 inches image, but focusing the light to about 1 cm looks pretty bright!00:01
Sync_I have a few or those cheap dell dlp beamers00:03
nmz787any you wanna get rid of?00:04
nmz787i don't want to break this one, but it might happen :/00:04
Sync_well I have no cable for them00:05
Sync_and on the one I took apart the dlp seems to have some issues00:05
Sync_actually, I should hook one up00:06
Sync_yeah it seems that the dlp is fucked00:16
nmz787i have to figure out a way to clean this DLP00:28
nmz787there are some dust specs on it00:28
Sync_well they are from customer service01:23
Sync_and it seems they get a little toasty and kill the bga01:24
nmz787i'll have to remember to keep mine cool02:10
B0101I wonder if normal aquarium pumps can withstand dilute acids08:09
azonenbergB0101: sure, for a shrot time :P09:32
Action: B0101 needs to find a better pump or a better way to disperse acid 09:34
B0101apparently DIY automation can get difficult...09:36
Sync_oh, my eheim holds up pretty well11:10
Sync_but it has a plastic cavity and the rotor is magnetically coupled11:11
B0101Anyone has advice on plasma ion implantation?12:42
--- Wed Feb 13 201300:00

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