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B0101hi, I've heard about chlorine etching for Silicon. Is that possible?13:25
Sync_I heard about using chlorine being used in rie and such13:26
B0101But I don't think chlorine in normal room conditions work to "attack" silicon, does it?13:31
Sync_I don't really know but I doubt it works13:31
B0101anyone knows what 'SSP' stands for in wafer specifications?16:16
Sync_single side polished I guess16:22
berndji wonder if B0101 can get hold of platinum electrodes?19:21
berndjsalt water + electrolysis with inert electrodes = NaOH solution!19:22
Sync_and if you electrolyze longer you can get chlorate20:34
berndjor at an extreme, buy table salt, melt it, and electrolyze it21:32
berndji've managed to melt NaCl in a BBQ fire, haven't figured out how to then also electrolyze it while it's >801C21:33
Sync_you can melt it in an induction heater21:35
Sync_but it is much more efficient to just get chlorate directly21:35
berndjwhy do we want chlorate?21:36
berndji thought we're going for NaOH to etch Si21:36
berndjor are we making explosives now :)21:37
Sync_well getting naoh is fair enough21:38
Sync_when you are not living in singapore21:38
berndjyeah, i think it's the singapore problem we're solving. i can just go to the hardware store and buy 5kg of NaOH if i want. granted, of unknown purity21:39
Sync_the real solution to the singapore problem is moving out21:40
azonenbergSync_: lol21:59
Sync_well no shit21:59
Sync_there is no other solution to it22:00
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