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azonenbergor you end up doping with B and Na instead of B00:00
nmz787does anyone have an idea for how to sense the thickness of the bottom of a concave hole formed by drilling with a drill bit?07:15
nmz787basically i have this problem where i need to drill until 15 or 20 microns of material remains, then transfer from the machine shop to an ion beam mill07:16
nmz787if the material is too thick, the ion mill can't finish the pinhole07:16
Sync_nmz787: how large of a hole?11:33
Sync_if it is large enough I'd just used a dowel to measure the distance that is not concave and then measure the drill11:43
Sync_because the tip of the drill is not going to change11:43
hozerwhat are you making?20:31
azonenberghozer: sounds like TEM sample prep21:24
nmz787azonenberg: i believe that's what it is21:47
nmz787Sync_: i believe the drill bit is at most 2mm, but maybe 0.5mm... i didn't ask... the pinhol is around 10 or 15 microns wide21:49
Sync_I'd use a pin to measure the depth22:22
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