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azonenbergsounds like IR something00:02
Synceverything was in a vacuum vessel00:24
Syncwith a HV valve and pirani gauge00:24
azonenbergHmm, definitely smells IR00:30
azonenbergdid it have labels?00:30
soul-dsome google person on "holiday"  or somtjhing to  north korea00:32
Syncit says spectra physics00:33
Syncthe in and out windows are also at an angle00:34
azonenbergwell, that sure implies optical00:34
azonenbergsoul-d: ?00:34
soul-dtrying to find english source but sais eric shmidth fellah is gonna go their  with som conspicous reasons :P  like "humanirian " " personal "00:37
Syncno shit, all that optic asshattery in there implies optics :P00:38
azonenbergSync: lol00:38
azonenbergsoul-d: hmm...00:38
azonenbergwonder whats up00:38
hozerSo what does it actually take to do a 1 micron mask05:13
azonenberghozer: at that scale you start wanting to look at chrome-on-glass05:38
azonenbergor if you're cheap, projection litho using 10:1 reduction on a 10um mask05:38
hozerso how does the chrome get removed.. laser?05:44
hozerand where can I pick up a used chrome/glass photomask printer05:57
nmz787hozer: no it gets etched off with an focused ion or electron beam06:26
nmz787you could probably make something crude with an old CRT tv monitor06:26
nmz787but that would be hard to do06:27
hozerI'm thinking pickup up old equipment is the way to go06:40
nmz787depends what you want to do06:46
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