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nmz787azonenberg: 25400dpi mask pricing http://nathanmccorkle.com/pdf/UNIVpricelist.pdf22:42
nmz787azonenberg: made with a laser that is NOT interferometer based22:42
azonenbergnice, $40 per 5x7 mask?22:43
nmz787wait, 25400 DPI22:45
nmz787how is it 10 micron sizing then?22:45
nmz787that's a dot per micron22:45
azonenbergProbably a 25-dot design rule22:50
azonenbergThey say 2um smoothness22:51
azonenbergWhich is reasonable, 2 dots22:51
azonenbergand a 10-dot design rule sounds about right, i was able to push to about 5 dots on a cheap laser printer but yields sucked22:51
azonenberg10 is reasonable if you want commercially acceptable yields22:52
nmz787what are these dot designs22:53
nmz787i don't know what you're talking about22:53
azonenbergi'm talking about minimum feature size design rules22:57
azonenbergas a function of the mask tool's dot size22:57
SyncI wonder what that thing was that I just took apart23:50
Synctwo gold mirrors, NaCl windows, beamsplitter and galvo with NaCl splitter23:52
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