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--- Fri Dec 28 201200:00
nmz787anyone home?05:34
nmz787i think i asked a while ago about using a DLP projector as a condenser06:17
nmz787and you said you remembered some citation06:17
azonenbergYeah, sec07:05
azonenbergthose are two07:06
nmz787i'm wondering is making a stepper with a DLP possible07:31
azonenbergnmz787: The hardest part would be the alignment07:31
azonenbergBut absolutely possible07:31
azonenbergI was thinking of using a blu-ray diode though07:32
azonenbergand vector graphics07:32
nmz787how to accurately position the beam tho?07:32
nmz787without interferometer feedback on the axes07:32
nmz787i am applying to PhD in Chemistry07:35
nmz787i really want to focus on DNA synthesis in micro/nano channels07:35
nmz787so making the channels can be done with FIB/laser lab type systems07:36
nmz787but I'd really like to see a DIYable microfluidic maker07:36
azonenbergFluidics are large feature sizes07:36
azonenbergif you can handle the lead time laserlab.com will make 12.5 micron feature size masks for $60ish a pop07:36
azonenbergthen do contact litho at 1:1 scale07:37
nmz787i think i may utilize nano features for molecular sieving07:39
nmz787ahh yes, this is very cool http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2011/lc/c1lc20411d07:46
nmz787the supplementary .avi is open-access07:47
--- Sat Dec 29 201200:00

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