#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-12-25

azonenbergFor those who didn't see, somebody posted this to ##electronics20:05
soul-dat least video tutorials on intergration20:11
soul-d:( qute certain i saw puff of smoke from breadboard  nasty21:07
azonenbergThat's never good21:15
azonenbergwhat blew21:15
soul-ddonno added  a wire somthing started smoking probably my cmos cam chip21:18
soul-dwan't clear where it was from21:18
azonenbergYour camera is smoking?21:18
azonenbergThat doesn't sound good21:18
soul-dnot certain it was near that board  could have hit somthing else on breadboard21:23
soul-dah well still din't explode wich already is quite somthing   voltages still measure correctly21:33
soul-dah well put it aside for awhile  at least tried to solder somthing again  cmos chip i already had for few years ( although almost none that ordered that one actually got it working anyhow most likely cause they wanted to use microcontrollers)22:04
soul-dand can't smell it since im using these chinese  premade wires wich all smell like burned plastic :P22:05
--- Wed Dec 26 201200:00

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