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--- Mon Dec 24 201200:00
berndjazonenberg, just watched transuranium_elements.ogv, in one scene there's a bottle of 24M HF20:24
Action: azonenberg hides behind berndj and looks for the nearest calcium source20:24
azonenbergWorst I have in my lab is like 2% w/v20:26
azonenbergwhich is maybe 1 molar off the top of my head20:26
azonenbergif that20:26
berndjthey used it to show that curium behaves more like gadolinium than like uranium, showing that the transuranic elements form the actinide series and not a uranide series. (old film, got it from somewhere in the bowels of archive.org)20:27
berndji just did a calc, 24M is 456g/l20:27
azonenbergwhat's 2g/l?20:28
berndjabout 0.1M?20:28
azonenbergOk, that sounds more reasonable20:28
berndjbut also 0.2%, not 2%?20:28
azonenbergoh, hmm20:29
azonenbergGotta go, it is christmas eve after all20:29
azonenbergtalk more when the festivities are over :p20:29
berndjhave a nice turkey or whatever you do20:29
berndji'm cancelling xmas20:29
soul-dwhen is xmas ?20:38
berndji'm perpetually confused; i'm german, and we do our big do on the 24th. the 25th is the afterparty for us. i gather other people have their big do on the 25th20:45
berndj24th is christmas eve, the 25th is christmas day20:46
soul-dwell then hope soldering goes well then ill have a nice present  but im stupid   should use drc :P20:48
--- Tue Dec 25 201200:00

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