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soul-dhttp://microblog.routed.net/2008/07/15/how-to-write-an-ic-friday-post/  this your post azonenberg ?16:38
soul-dor in any case i don't get the "  The idea to keep in mind is that the acid must not come in contact with any plastics prior to neutralization.  "  isn't that the black mush  wich just had a ic desolved in  ?16:39
azonenbergsoul-d: no, it's not17:32
azonenbergthat was one of the other guys we were following17:32
azonenberghe's saying that it eats organics17:34
soul-doh just wondering where the plastic came from all off the sudden :P   he just means like use glassware and not to dispose of it inlike plastic bottles before it has been nutralised ?17:34
azonenbergi think, yes17:35
soul-dalthough would like suck chemical apron thingy he mentioned while dealing with acids17:35
soul-dsuch *17:35
azonenbergit would eat it, yes, but better eat that than your skin18:02
azonenbergand its meant to stop drops, not a big spill18:02
soul-dlol  k but then again shoulnd take to much to submerge chips18:50
soul-dyou use pcb/geda  ?  wonder if one can export  eagle footprint to it  just tried working with eagle when it decides to distroy the work without undo  ofcourse din't save in time either  :')18:55
azonenbergi use kicad19:02
soul-dk, can't find how to add components their one nasty part to do in some programs19:20
soul-doh lol19:27
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