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nmz787azonenberg: how did those laserlab masks look under the scope?04:09
azonenbergnmz787: whoops, forgot to upload pics04:09
azonenberggive me a minute04:09
soul-dgetting close here  http://imgur.com/a/tVsni   although started to break stuff again after that :P  better let it rest for a bit  and do a clean up of code04:14
azonenbergThey were a bitr tricky to image04:14
azonenbergWhat I ended up doing was darkfield imaging (scattered light) with a texwipe under the mask04:14
azonenbergso what you're seeing is basically a silhouette of the surface since i couldn't image the emulsion directly04:14
azonenbergthis is nominal 12.5 micron line/space  i believe04:14
azonenbergi'd have to double check the GDS to be sure04:14
azonenbergthe mask was for a client's project a long time ago and was obsolete before it even got made04:15
azonenbergso i cant show the whole thing but i dont think the NDA covers generic alignment marks :P04:15
azonenbergThe coloring in the background is just due to the texwipe not being 100% flat04:16
soul-d2 lines to much to show how you feel about nda04:16
soul-dbut it's in there  :P04:16
azonenbergactually i only cant talk about their technology, which i'm not04:16
azonenbergthe fact that a generic alignment pattern from the lab made it onto their mask is irrelevant04:16
azonenberganyway, first impressions - slight bubbles in the surface of the emulsion04:18
azonenbergsmall, maybe 5 microns or less, and not likely to show up in litho04:18
azonenbergGrains are visible around the edges of the lines at high mag, maybe 500nm or so across each04:18
soul-dgot sofar today  that i had some sd-card code somewhat working with reading and writing  but his state machiene isn't so clean so probably gonna rewrite it but saves me hassle in seeing how it operates04:18
azonenbergSome very slight grain in the "light" parts of the mask are also visible04:19
soul-dnow was trying to build memory or operate memory  for display04:19
azonenbergcloseup http://i.imgur.com/5XRxI.jpg04:20
azonenbergSo, it's not chrome on glass04:20
azonenbergBut its a lot better than a cheap printer on overhead transparency :p04:20
soul-dstuf with printers usaly require high amount of luck  and high retry count :P04:21
azonenbergLol yeah04:21
azonenbergThese masks look like they'll do the job at the 15-20um feature range04:22
azonenbergwhich is what i'd target early on anyway04:22
soul-dwinter here  most lab is closed down except i still need to clean up  just  hope glas and water mix wel when frozen04:23
azonenberglol your lab is not heated?04:23
soul-dno it's a single walled shed with just asbestos plating on top04:24
azonenbergasbestos? fun04:24
soul-di know lol04:24
nmz787so is that the mask, or the emulsion/resist?04:24
azonenbergnmz787: That's a laserlab mask04:25
azonenbergsome kind of photographic emulsion on polyester substrate04:25
azonenberglaser direct imaging followed by developing04:26
azonenbergi believe the particles in the background are bubbles in the emulsion but i could be wrong04:26
azonenbergits entirely possible they're dust on the mask as well04:26
azonenbergit was stored in a plastic bag on a desk, not in a cleanroom, after we determined it was obsolete04:26
azonenbergso semi-sealed but not nearly perfect04:27
azonenbergthe image is theoretically DF but looks like BF04:27
azonenbergbecause i'm DF'ing a white object with the mask on top :p04:27
soul-dlol ofcourse it was somthing simple again  just quited text started scrolling again    seems  i forgot to initial value04:29
nmz787what was that matrix of As eariler?04:31
soul-dmy screen with a's ?04:40
soul-dtrying to write display driver thingy on fpga dev kit04:41
nmz787any projects that use a microscope to downsize a projector?04:42
soul-dnah already glad  im getting stuff to work with vhdl this time04:45
azonenbergnmz787: there was one04:46
azonenbergi cant find the citation off the top of my head04:46
soul-dwanted to say i'm really done for today but then i figured it was already  morning :')05:22
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