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Syncinteresting, semi conductor manufacturers seem to move away from ion implantation10:36
azonenbergSync: what are they using23:04
azonenbergmasked diffusions?23:04
Syncand solar cells work towards implanters23:05
azonenbergi guess implantation penetrates too deep for modern deep sub-nm stuff23:05
azonenbergthermal diffusion is a bit more controllable for low energy23:05
SyncI don't think that was the issue23:06
azonenbergwhat's the reasoning then23:06
azonenbergcaused too many lattice defects?23:06
Synceconomy iirc23:07
Synclattice defects are much more an issue for solar cells23:10
azonenbergmore so than for MOS? interesting23:11
Syncthere are also cool cells that do over 40% efficiency23:11
Syncbut those are GaAs GaP stacks23:13
soul-dlol sighs   was about to start changing code again when i forgot i changed  top level entity :')23:36
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