#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-12-04

B0101Has anyone used dry film photoresist?05:47
azonenbergYes, but not at these feature scales05:55
azonenbergonly on PCBs05:55
azonenbergi did hit 5um features with dry film on copper PCB experimentally using projection lithography05:55
azonenbergbut was unable to etch the 35um copper layer obviously :P05:55
B0101I found that dry film photoresist is much cheaper than liquid based photoresist06:04
B0101Well, I'm not sure if I can be used for making working devices06:05
azonenbergIt can be used but you have to know some of the quirks06:06
azonenbergfor example it stays flat when you apply it06:06
azonenbergwhich means it won't have step coverage06:06
azonenbergthis may be good or bad depending on the application06:07
B0101ok, thanks for your info06:19
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