#homecmos IRC log for Monday, 2012-12-03

B0101hmm, I wonder what determines the speed of the acceleration of electrons from an electron gun01:03
B0101I was thinking if we build a ion implanter out of junk parts01:13
B0101But speaking to a person working in the semiconductor field, we will need a few MeV to implant ions01:17
Syncour implanter works from 50-200kV01:25
azonenbergguess it depends on what you're trying to do01:31
azonenbergi doubt 200keV is enough to do SIMOX01:31
B0101azonenberg: So for SIMOX, what energies do we need?02:17
azonenbergI'd have to do the math02:17
azonenbergbut you need to get oxygen ions down a couple of microns02:17
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