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Syncpretty small I guess00:11
B0101like how many MM or UM?00:50
soul-dnote to self  don't buy  bulk  "high" concetrated  chems  hard to pour out  :P took  just 3 spills01:57
soul-dmmmkay  lets hope shed survives02:09
azonenbergSync: Depends on how good your cleanroom is :P08:38
Syncazonenberg: rather, how good you want your yield08:42
azonenbergThat too08:43
Action: soul-d supposidly created nitric acid and survived 13:48
Action: azonenberg has used HNO3 but never tried synthesizing it13:56
azonenbergi dont trust my chem skills quite that far13:56
soul-dheh  i just copied a youtube and ran14:00
soul-d2 small movies14:00
soul-dwarning sound might be bugged14:00
soul-dfirst is experiment  tring to dodge fumes14:01
soul-dsecond is the result on piece of copper14:01
soul-dclear picture of setup :)14:04
soul-dbaloon suprisingly survived14:04
azonenberg"allows a huge 500MB file size" lol14:13
soul-dand split archives14:13
soul-dso for free host not to shabby i think14:14
azonenbergYeah, not bad for free14:14
soul-dtried tinypic/ movie  but it keeps nagging about codes not correct14:14
soul-dand i got catpcha  rick rolled14:14
soul-dmost scary part of this experiment was getting  100ml of hcl (30%)  out of  5L can  wich took me 3 spilss  and realy should wear respirator14:16
azonenbergLol 5L of HCl?14:17
azonenbergI would not open that bottle outside a fume hood14:17
soul-dheh its an open shed  wich is my fume hood lol14:18
soul-dwich means im not their when experiments run  usaly  in door opening or near the exit14:18
soul-dbut indeed still need to make that one so  i can safley observe stuff14:21
azonenbergyou saw the pics of my hood?14:21
azonenberglike $200 of plastic and duct/fittings, i could probably have gotten cheaper if i shopped around14:22
soul-di think i did   i can rember a  pic of your lab14:22
soul-dthast a lot nicer then  dodging airflow14:23
azonenbergnice acrylic sash (hard to tell since its clear and doesnt have a frame) going down halfway14:24
soul-dtubing not  chemical resistant14:24
azonenbergJust cheap dryer tubing14:24
azonenbergi'm watching for signs of corrosion but havent seen any yet14:24
soul-dyea still got some alluminum  but donno about using that  tbing14:25
azonenbergWell the hope is that vapors wouldnt attack it too readily if you have high airflow and keep concentration low14:25
azonenbergI have 0.2 ft^2 of duct cross section and am moving 240 CFM through it14:26
azonenbergso that's 20fps airflow velocity14:26
soul-dtrue  and  better it atacks tubings wich you can replace then  one working  in the room14:26
azonenbergExactly, as long as you catch leaks14:26
azonenbergAll of the chemicals i work with the PEL is above the odor threshold14:26
azonenbergmeaning if you can't smell it, you're safe14:26
azonenbergAnd even a brief whiff of HCl vapor is a lot better than a faceful :p14:27
soul-ddo have abek/organic  respirator filter14:27
azonenbergi have respirators too but the hood is so much better14:27
azonenbergthe only reason i keep them around is for spray painting14:27
soul-dthat a vacume bell thing btw ?14:28
soul-don your left14:28
azonenbergYes, i dont have it anymore14:28
azonenbergwas for a short-term consulting gig and the client took it back14:28
soul-dmmm ah sadly  looked solid14:29
azonenbergyes, it was a nice rig14:29
azonenbergi forget the pressure we hit but iirc it was under 100mtorr14:29
azonenbergwe started to struggle with slow leaks at that point14:29
azonenbergthis was using a 2-stage rotary vane pump, no diffusion etc14:29
Action: azonenberg drools at the thought of one day owning a turbopump14:30
soul-d:) yeah so much stuff to research still14:31
soul-dstill busy doing pigments   was   looking intro generating a bit of cuprous  oxide (i)  (red) oxide14:33
azonenbergi see14:33
soul-dbit of expirimentation with ferric   spoon and paper below is extracted with hcl other electrolise14:34
soul-dpaper on the picture below *14:34
soul-dcopper carbonate :)14:34
azonenbergferric... chloride?14:39
soul-dyes   what on spoon was desolved  ferric cloride   reacted with   euhm i think it was  sodium carbonate  :P14:40
soul-d realy should keep a log :P14:40
azonenbergLol you should14:40
soul-dt is obtained by reacting ferric chloride with sodium hydroxide:14:41
soul-d    FeCl3 + 3NaOH ’ Fe(OH)3 + 3NaCl14:41
soul-dclose :P14:41
azonenbergso iron hydroxide?14:41
azonenbergalso, http://colossus.cs.rpi.edu/~azonenberg/downloads/datasheet.pdf :p14:42
soul-dYellow iron oxide (CAS [51274-00-1]) is used as a pigment, e.g. Pigment Yellow 42 or C.I. 77492. Pigment Yellow 4214:42
soul-dwas my goal  :)14:42
soul-dinstead i got mars brown  i think14:43
azonenbergso what do you think of the datasheet? any additional measurements you think i should add?14:46
azonenberg"Several speed grades (IQ) available for highly differentiated low-cost applications"14:47
azonenberg"Available in two peripheral sets (-F and -M) to allow nerd deployments to be customized to customer needs"14:47
soul-dno was just lookign how to order a  hot inteligent female :P14:48
azonenbergThere's no "ordering info" section at the moment14:48
soul-dwithc good unclothed ratings14:48
azonenbergoh, just got a hilarious idea14:48
azonenbergfor "ordering information" suggest several resellers14:48
azonenbergaka dating sites :P14:48
soul-d:) they could be obviously fake  though  but yeah  somthing along that lines14:50
soul-dand about   male / female interaction problems14:50
azonenbergi might add something to that effect14:50
azonenbergI also want a lot more timing characteristics14:50
soul-dwarnings   it might not be compatible14:50
azonenbergfor example "CLK_ALARM to CLK_BRAIN stable"14:51
azonenberghow does page 5 look?14:52
soul-dmake it bit more  obscure  like *  unfortunaly due to long manufacturing process  direct ordering is unavailable at this point in time14:56
soul-dabout the brain stable  part you might want to include people that  realy need a cup of coffie  or somthing  to stabalize ofcourse you would  write the chemical forumla of coffee :P15:02
soul-dsome people *15:02
azonenbergsoul-d: how about just listing a 9-month lead time? :P15:03
soul-dwell entire proccess is kinda  vurnable15:03
soul-dso no guarantue's there15:04
azonenbergmaybe mention "yield rates not guaranteed" or something15:04
soul-dbut  be sure to include that  the F version can cause erroneous behavior in  the M kind15:07
soul-deither far end crosstalk or alien crosstalk one would asume15:11
soul-danyhow  need to do some grocery shopping  bbl15:13
lekernelazonenberg: there might be a MBE workshop at EHSM. still not coming? :)18:46
lekernelSync: and you can add MBE workshops to things C3 doesn't do18:48
SyncI do MBE for a living :P20:05
Syncbut it is bad timing, I just finalized everything for c3 last week20:05
azonenberglekernel: as in molecular beam epitaxy?21:28
azonenbergand yeah, i'm too busy :( :( :(21:28
lekernelyes, as in molecular beam epitaxy21:30
lekernelthere will also be a DIY vacuum chamber + evaporator21:31
lekernel(from different people)21:31
Synclekernel: you should do that as part of the c3 :P21:31
Syncthe cch is huge21:31
lekernelSync: the space would have cost 14k euro21:32
lekernelwe're running the complete conference on half that sum21:32
Syncso what? 14k is not that much21:33
lekernelSync: you pay it then? :)21:33
SyncI could, yes21:33
lekernelwell, maybe you should offer azonenberg two turbopumps instead21:35
Syncit should have been possible to integrate that event into c3, the new rooms certainly make that possible21:35
lekernelit's a better use of that money than fattening real estate managers21:35
lekernelif we paid 14kE, yes, it would have been possible21:36
lekernelwe actually discussed this21:36
lekernelalso I didn't like the terms "integrate" and "subconference" which kept popping up (and they just did)21:37
Syncwhat is the problem with them?21:37
Syncit seems to have gone by me, I actually read some of the orga lists and did not see anything like that21:40
Syncit's just that I find it sad that there is a segregation (worse now because of the different cities)21:44
lekernelthere is a "segregation" anyway (hw talks at c3 are pretty much a half-hearted "oh, cool..." type of thing) so I only care that much about the physical one22:15
lekernelalso if 3 hours of train are enough to demotivate you, well...22:16
lekernelfinally - we announced it before, and c3 used to be in berlin, so tell them, not me22:16
Synchaha. you cannot pull the we announced it before card.22:18
Syncyour event does not exist for over a decade at the same date22:19
Syncand no, the 3h ride does not demotivate me, but getting a place to sleep in two cities does22:21
lekernelat the same date...in berlin22:21
lekernelbesides I tend to judge events by their content, not how long they have been around22:22
Syncit was pretty clear that it would not be in berlin the next year22:22
SyncI do not go to events because of their content, but because I want to meet people I only get to know over the interweb22:23
lekernelno it wasn't clear until a few days before the announcement, and I only care that much about running after c3 people for the latest rumors (see "segregation" argument)22:25
Syncthen you have the wrong sources22:25
Syncit was pretty clear that it would not be in berlin in feburary22:26
lekernelsource is cpunkt22:27
Syncidk, just scrolled through my mails again22:31
Syncit was decided in march that berlin was very unlikely22:31
lekerneleither way we wouldn't have spent 14kE on a room in hamburg (or anywhere else)22:33
lekernelthere is plenty of free space in unis at those dates22:33
SyncI don't know how many people attend, but with around 200 you would have broken even22:37
lekernelI'd rather spend it on things that C3 doesn't do, like quantum physics workshops and such22:37
Syncyou could hold them there22:38
SyncI bet a lot would be interested22:39
lekernelmy experience shows otherwise22:39
lekernelso I'd rather solve the problem at a conference level than at a workshop level22:42
SyncI'm not so sure if that is the right way to do it22:43
Syncfrom what I see there is a lot in common with both venues22:44
lekernellook closer :) most of those things aren't actually popular at c322:46
lekernelalso EHSM is guaranteed free of BS like conspiracy theories. C3 provably isn't.22:49
Syncconspiracy is fun!22:49
Syncbah fuck, I'd like to discuss that with you in persona, maybe I can manage to hit on 29th22:57
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