#homecmos IRC log for Friday, 2012-11-16

lekernelwho's coming to http://ehsm.eu ?17:14
Syncthat is the worst possible timeframe ever17:20
Syncquite sad that they opted to host it paralell to the congress17:39
Synclekernel: you probably did that on purpose, but why?17:55
lekernelc3 is usually selling out (with thousands of attendees) - so much for your 'worst timeframe' argument18:55
lekerneland having it parallel to the congress helps with repelling hipsters, infosec jerks, etc. who are drawn into the latter :)18:59
lekerneljust kidding... the real reason is we can easily get free rooms at that time18:59
lekernelbig and nice ones, with expensive AV systems19:01
lekerneland regarding conflicts, c3 rooms are generally quite empty during hardware talks. so it's quite easy to choose which conference to go to.19:04
Syncnot really lekernel19:37
Syncand the argument is that it is paralell to c3 which is bad19:37
SyncI'm doing some helping at c3 this year too so it is even worse :P19:42
SyncI could hit the road hard in the early morning of 29th but then I'd have to organize something to sleep at19:43
lekernelblame c3. we announced it first. :)20:54
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