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soul-dmorning azonenberg  you know stuff on electrolosys ?  was wondering how the sollution gets most amp's trough it  for example with computer psu  so far it seems based on mass off whats conted  but there probably a sweet spot for electrolsis solution09:31
soul-dconected *09:31
azonenbergWhat are you trying to do?09:32
azonenbergI've done electronchemical etching, which is close09:32
soul-dcreating rust iron oxide :)09:32
azonenbergHaven't done that09:32
soul-dsolution is sodium carbonate09:32
azonenberggenerally higher concentration of electrolyte would mean lower resistance09:32
azonenbergbut there is also a limit of how much you can safely dissipate in the bath09:32
soul-dyeah ph alrready was 1409:33
azonenbergbefore your PSU starts to overheat or the liquid starts to boil09:33
azonenbergyou also want to be careful about gases09:33
soul-donly 0.700 runs trougg09:33
soul-din open shed ofcourse ventilated09:33
azonenbergyou don't want lots of H2 and O2 to build up09:33
azonenbergand how much more power do you want to push?09:33
soul-dmax amps  :P09:34
azonenberg8.4 watts is still quite a bit09:34
soul-dyeah  someone calculated that 1amp generated 50gr oxide in 24h  ~ bbut still have to get back into that09:34
soul-dthis time i want to create lots of oxides or  mostly all stuff that once was used as paint pigment09:35
soul-dfirst  the lesser toxic ones ofcourse09:35
azonenbergi see09:36
soul-dand  tried a bit of metalworking   so ofcourse   now i need some tamahanage steel wich japan doesnt export :P09:42
soul-dso best is to have lots of oxide's  yourself and some   trace metals and  cook some steel yourself09:42
azonenbergyou want to make your own steel? o_O\09:45
soul-danyhow on electrolsys  i see lots of people talk about using  x/y  lots of amps    but  als long as source can provide it09:45
soul-dnot by  making the oxides myself :P09:45
soul-dbut i do someday09:45
soul-din japanese style oven09:45
soul-dbasicly   a cube  oven  with air forced into  downwards    loaded with coal  and then loaded with coal  and ore from top09:46
soul-dthen you do that every 15 min09:46
soul-dfor a day09:46
soul-dwhy did i say 2 times the  same thing ?09:47
soul-dmaybe time for coffee09:47
Syncsoul-d: buying rust is much cheaper20:41
Synciirc it is commercially done by heating fine steel powder20:41
soul-di know  just experimenting wasnt serieus about  the part to make own steel with that   but do want to make pigments  for paint21:06
soul-diron should able to provide red black and yellow21:06
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