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--- Tue Oct 30 201200:00
berndjhello azonenberg, you're NYish aren't you?00:12
berndjis sally turning out to be real or is it another irene?00:13
azonenbergberndj: I'm upstate near albany00:13
azonenbergWe just got power back00:13
azonenbergwent down like two hours ago00:13
azonenbergAnd what do you mean, another irene?00:14
azonenbergWhen Irene hit here, half of downtown was five feet underwater00:14
berndjoh! i thought it was like that xkcd...  forgot the number00:17
azonenbergMaybe in some places00:20
berndjyou're not exactly in NYC though, right?00:23
azonenbergNot even close00:25
azonenberg200 miles upstream00:25
azonenbergabout 1/4 mile or so east of the river, it's a fairly low-lying area though00:25
azonenbergi think i'm 30 feet above river level or so00:25
azonenbergMy floor is, that is00:26
azonenbergsorry, i meant my street00:26
berndji'm about 7m above sea level, but i'm also 15km away from the coast00:27
azonenbergi'm more like 1km from the river00:28
berndjif/when you get flooded, is it just because of craploads of rain, or something on a bigger scale like storm surges going up the river?00:28
azonenbergI have never been flooded here00:33
azonenbergdowntown it's usually been just rain00:33
--- Wed Oct 31 201200:00

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