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--- Sat Oct 27 201200:00
SyncNaCl windows suck.14:07
Syncand yay free CF parts15:53
Syncbah. everything is cursted in salt20:31
Sync*raises fist*20:31
azonenbergNaCl windows?20:35
azonenbergfor what20:35
Syncsome kind of spectrometer20:35
azonenbergSounds annoying20:35
Syncmade a fucking mess20:35
Syncand killed the gold mirrors20:35
azonenbergIn normal use was the instrument kept in an anhydrous environment?20:35
azonenbergor sealed and purged?20:36
Syncor just moisture controlled enough so that it was no problem20:36
azonenbergyeah, i just mean in normal room area in a lab environment20:36
azonenbergthere is some H2O20:36
azonenbergand we all know how hygroscopic NaCl is...20:36
SyncI'm not really sure how you'd used that thing20:36
Syncit has no option to mount it20:36
Syncbut it had two slightly angeled NaCl windows20:37
Syncwith a nacl beamsplitter in it20:37
Syncand another one mounted on a galvo20:37
Syncand two concave gold coated mirrors on top and bottom20:37
Syncbut it had a triax CF feedthrough, CF thermovac tube and needle valve20:39
Syncand it says Spectra-Physics20:59
Synchaha I just realized what the small conglomerate of pumps in the corner is worth21:01
azonenberglol what/21:02
azonenbergwhat? *21:02
azonenbergpleast dont say you have half a million dollars of turbopumps sitting around like trash21:03
Syncyou'd get a nice car for the price you'd pay if you would get them new21:04
azonenberggood turbopumps are not cheap21:04
azonenbergmake that "turbopumps in general are not cheap" lol21:05
Syncthe turbo is not the most expensive one21:07
Syncthe XDS10 is around 5k new21:07
azonenbergwhat species is that?21:09
azonenbergdont know the model21:09
Syncit is a dry scroll pump21:12
azonenbergoh nice21:12
SyncI need to stop buying stuff.21:14
Syncfor real21:15
azonenbergi need to stop designing board C21:15
azonenbergbefore i've even assembled board B21:15
SyncI know the problem21:15
Syncbut I guess I have enough pumps now21:15
Syncone for everything I could need21:15
azonenbergMy problem is that A is running near capacity21:15
azonenbergand I need C because B was just a test21:16
azonenbergBut i can't finish designing C  until i assemble B and get data from it :P21:16
azonenbergIt's not a deadlock, the solution is to assemble and test B first21:17
SyncI need to do some work on my glass - metal seals21:17
azonenbergthen finish designing C with what i find21:17
azonenbergBut that means grading this massive pile of exams first :p21:17
Syncsame problem here21:17
Syncbut I'm currently less than ever motivated to learn21:17
azonenbergi hate class, lab is so much more fun21:18
Syncoh F21:18
Syncthat reminds me21:18
SyncI need to kick my lab partners in their asses21:18
Action: azonenberg sees grade of 30% on homework 4 in numerical computing21:19
azonenbergthis class is killing me but its too late to drop21:19
SyncI think I'll leave maths 3 maths 3 this semester21:19
azonenbergi simply have no interest in this class21:19
azonenbergi have not touched a floating-point number outside that class in like a year21:20
azonenbergit's of no use to me21:20
azonenbergall of my code is integer based21:20
SyncI usually make generous use of floats21:21
Syncbut just because I'm a lazy coder21:22
azonenbergAll of the conversion from binary to decimal to run that display21:22
azonenbergis done entirely in fixed point with no loss of precision21:22
azonenbergat one point i multiply by 1.2521:22
azonenbergso to do that i simply do X + (X << 2) and declare the radix point to have moved two bits to the right21:23
azonenbergjust integer arithmetic and bitshifts21:23
Syncyeah I am too lazy to think about that.21:24
azonenbergthis is hardware, though21:24
azonenberga FPU uses a lot of gates21:24
azonenbergbut a bitshift by a constant is just a couple of wires21:25
azonenbergand addition is easy21:25
azonenberginteger addition that is21:25
azonenbergcompared to a floating point multiplier...21:25
Syncyean that is true on fpgas21:26
azonenbergi dont want to even think about implementing IEEE754 any time soon21:26
azonenbergi will do so at some point because i will need to add it to my CPU eventually21:26
azonenbergand because I dont want to use the xilinx IP cores since they arent open source21:27
azonenberg(though they are free as in beer)21:27
SyncI could not wrap my head around verilog when I had to use it21:28
azonenberglol it seems like the most natural thing in the world to me21:28
azonenbergwhen i see HDL i immediately think of it synthesizing into muxes and gates21:28
azonenbergand it just makes sense21:28
Syncthat was not the issue21:29
Syncbut making it synthesize somehow never worked21:29
Syncjust simulated just fine21:29
azonenbergyou mean your code didnt compile or you couldnt figure out how to write it?21:29
azonenbergwere you maybe using simulation-only constructs like delays by unit time?21:29
azonenbergthere's no physical way to say "wait 5ns and then set this high"21:30
azonenbergDo you remember the synthesis problem>21:31
Syncthe next issue was that I did not manage to connect modules21:31
Syncnot really, that was in 11th grade in HS21:31
azonenbergLol oh, you started younger than me21:32
azonenbergwhen i was that age i was doing x86 asm21:32
azonenbergonly got into FPGAs... must have been the summer between junior and senior year of college21:32
azonenbergor no21:32
azonenbergit was after senior year and before starting grad school i think21:32
SyncI'm not much of a software guy21:32
SyncI do enjoy confusing people with analog wonkeyness21:33
azonenbergAnalog stuff scares me, i live in the land of 1s and 0s lol21:33
azonenbergI'm doing better in my non-major class than my major class this semester21:35
azonenbergElectron Microscopy of Materials i'm currently in a streak of four perfect lab grades in a row out of five (lost two points on the first)21:36
Synclab is not graded here21:36
azonenberglab reports i mean21:36
azonenbergbut i'm consistently B-range in my math/CS class21:36
azonenbergbecause, quite honestly, i don't care21:36
Syncwe do not write lab reports21:37
azonenbergWhich is a problem considering that it's a required class :P21:37
Syncyeah I know the problem all too well21:40
Syncwee the galvo is neat :)21:43
--- Sun Oct 28 201200:00

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