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--- Mon Oct 22 201200:00
sputterguywhat's up all06:24
sputterguyi got an ion beam sputtering system that has dielectric targets06:24
sputterguydo i need to do anything special to get them loaded in the system? i am only used to sputtering metals06:25
azonenbergAre you using DC or RF?06:45
azonenbergI know you get all kinds of charging if you try to DC sputter a dielectric but afaik it's fine if you are using RF since you charge and discharge every half-cycle06:45
sputterguyazonenberg: i believe it's dc only, but this is dc ion beam sputtering07:32
azonenbergI'm not familiar with ion beam sputtering as opposed to normal magnetron sputtering07:33
azonenbergIf the current is only running in one direction you can expect the target to build up a charge and not sputter anymore07:33
azonenbergPulsing may help to work around that07:33
sputterguyion beam sputtering involves using a stream of ions to hit the target to dislodge material that is then accelerated using an electric field towards the sample07:35
sputterguyare there more channels like this?07:35
sputterguythis isn't exactly home or cmos07:35
sputterguyis there like a promatsci or something?07:35
azonenbergNot that i know of, this is the de facto microfab channel on freenode07:35
sputterguywell i'm getting sleepy here in lab07:36
--- Tue Oct 23 201200:00

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