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azonenbergnext time he gets back tell him i use Glade03:49
azonenbergWhich is free as in beer, but not open source03:49
azonenbergstill looking for good open source03:49
soul-dlovely time's05:51
soul-dso did you recieve the nobel prize yet azonenberg    these day you can  get them  with cereal i believe05:52
azonenbergsoul-d: lol05:52
azonenbergno, maybe i'm buying the wrong brand05:52
soul-di mean eu  even needs 3  people05:54
soul-dto fetch  the damn prize05:54
soul-danyhow  scary  stuff  going  on these day's   don't believe 2012 will be the end   but they are trying verry hard05:57
azonenbergWho is?05:57
soul-dthe powers that be :P05:58
soul-danything they touch turn's to some brown smelly stuff05:58
soul-dany regulatory instance that wants  itself to keep in place or  grow bigger06:00
azonenbergYeah, it's annoying06:00
azonenbergi have no desire for power and, if given it, will do my best to complete the assigned task as quickly as possible so i can get back to the lab :p06:01
soul-dand thats why  politics  always have incompetent people :(06:02
soul-dfunny though  nobody sees it like  again  as sonn one politics  quits06:03
soul-d he/she gets a job  at company's like shell06:03
soul-dor banks06:03
soul-dah well  good reason not to vote06:04
azonenbergWhoever screws up the country in the next four years06:05
azonenbergi'll be able to rest in the satisfaction of knowing he didnt get my vote :P06:05
soul-dplus a right to complain06:06
soul-di hear quantanamo is getting closed :P06:07
soul-dor obama was still for it ;')06:07
azonenbergThe military doesnt like to have too many eyes on it06:08
azonenbergarea 51 for example06:08
azonenbergi give you 10:1 odds it's no longer doing anything even remotely sensitive06:08
soul-doh dark research is scary shit06:08
azonenbergtoo many nutjobs trying to sneak in06:08
soul-dthey can controll animal's already06:08
azonenbergAll of the work that may have once been going on there is now elsewhere for sure06:08
soul-dlet bugs fly  and land :P06:08
azonenbergequally, when a site like gtmo gets too much unwanted attention06:09
azonenbergi would imagine anything of importance moves to "an undisclosed location" :p06:09
soul-dwas some ted show on etics  or somthing on stuff like that so that was known research06:09
soul-dfinally some daylight time for some chores06:15
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