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azonenbergHmm, what are you trying to do?02:09
azonenbergbaseplate for a vacuum system?02:09
Sync_complete vacuum chamber02:14
Sync_I need a second one for coating02:14
Sync_and I don't say yes to the prices commercial ones cost02:14
azonenberglol yeah02:33
azonenbergi believe it02:33
Sync_the issue is that I'm not sure how expensive the flanges will be03:27
Sync_gotta quote some of the stuff tomorrow03:27
azonenbergi am guessing expensive03:33
azonenbergbut good luck03:33
Sync_well, commercial flanges are spendy03:34
Sync_but the flat stock will be the kicker03:34
Sync_the problem is there that it needs to be 12mm thick03:37
azonenbergthat is thick04:27
Sync_but required for iso k flanges04:34
azonenbergHave fun makign those cheaply04:36
azonenbergEspecially if they need to hold UHV without leaking04:36
Sync_a readymade runs me about 50¬04:41
Sync_material for them is dominated by the cost of the bar stock04:41
Sync_which is around 20¬04:41
Sync_pipe is cheap enough04:41
Sync_and tig welding stainless to uhv standards is easier than one thinks04:41
Sync_an orbital welding machine would be awesome but I have done it without one before04:45
azonenberghmm ok04:56
Sync_the trick is to have good fitup04:56
Sync_and fusing two stainless parts together is quite easy04:57
Sync_a leakcheck is in order after that, if there is one just grind the spot down and reweld04:57
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