#homecmos IRC log for Monday, 2012-08-27

--- Mon Aug 27 201200:00
SyncI heard if you open the shutters on the evaporator it actually works like planned15:23
azonenberghi guys21:17
azonenbergjust got back from campus... added a horizontal milling machine to my shop yesterday21:17
azonenbergonce we get it fixed up a bit i can get back to work on the mask aligner21:18
bobbyleeazonenberg: can you handle a xilinx ise question?21:18
azonenbergbobbylee: Ask in ##electronics or ##fpga, but sure21:18
azonenbergi'm in both21:19
bobbyleei can't join electronics21:19
azonenbergcant join, or cant talk?21:19
azonenbergif you cant talk it means you arent registered with nickserv21:19
bobbyleeazonenberg: still there?23:33
bobbylee##fpga didn't turn out to be of much help23:33
--- Tue Aug 28 201200:00

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