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nmz787azonenberg: have you heard of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISFET12:58
Syncnmz787: we are making them13:06
nmz787Sync: are there commercial/available-from-boutique-companies ISFETs that can detect single molecule changes?13:08
Syncor rather not that I know of13:09
nmz787so that must be why ion torrent seqeuncing still can't handle homopolymer stretches13:09
nmz787I'm looking for some method of detecting single molecule changes to a growing strand of DNA13:09
nmz787ahh. "The oblong design of the microchip contains millions of wells occupied by beads containing amplified copies of a single DNA strand. "..... from http://atp.ncifcrf.gov/genetics-and-genomics/laboratory-of-molecular-technology/lmt-technology-development/ion-torrent/13:12
Syncpretty happy that I repaired the VG mbe again13:12
nmz787I may have to seriously consider surface enhanced raman spectroscopy13:12
Syncraman is nice13:13
Syncbut it is pretty amazing what shitty build quality you get when you buy vacuum equipment13:14
Syncthe vacuum side is usually very nice but the electronics on our evap are just .... sad13:14
nmz787what's VG mde?13:17
nmz787are you a microE by day?13:23
Syncno, not really13:24
nmz787so you've got that MBE in your own lab?13:31
Synchaha I wish, I work at the university as a side job13:31
Syncwee my small oven works :)13:46
nmz787sounds like a nice side job!13:54
Syncyeah it is pretty cool13:55
nmz787so Helicos is about 1 DNA molecule per sq micron on the hybridization surface14:48
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