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hideoazonenberg: any hope for a cheme who last touched matlab or anything remotely close to programming to learn vhdl and fpga?05:37
azonenberghideo: fpga stuff is more related to digital logic than it is programming (though it really straddles the line)05:37
azonenbergits a different way of thinking than conventional programming05:38
hideook so it's good that i don't have much exposure to conventional programming?05:38
azonenbergso its hard to say how much programming experience helps05:38
hideoi really have no ee background at all05:38
azonenbergAre you familiar with basic digital logic?05:38
azonenbergforget the analog stuff05:38
hideolike truth table?05:39
azonenbergboolean functions etc, the idea of clocked/synchronous vs asynchronous logic, etc05:39
azonenbergan FPGA is basically a big 2D grid of small RAM blocks, each one holding a truth table05:39
hideoi don't know the latter of what you said, sync vs. async logic05:40
azonenbergthe size depends on the chip, for example spartan-3a is 4 inputs to one output05:40
azonenbergand spartan-6 is either 6 to 1, or 5 to 205:40
azonenberg(configurable on a per-block basis for whatever works best)05:40
azonenbergAsynchronous logic is basically raw gates05:40
azonenbergwhen the input changes, there's a short delay and then the output changes05:40
hideowhat does raw gates mean?05:40
azonenbergas in, no flipflops, latches, or any kind of memory05:41
hideooh ok05:41
azonenbergthe output depends only on the input05:41
azonenbergat least in a simple combinational circuit05:41
azonenbergits possible to make asynchornous circuits that have behavior similar to memory05:41
azonenbergbut in an FPGA you normally wont be doing that05:41
azonenbergSo in general your design can be broken up into a bunch of logic, then a flipflop05:42
hideomaybe this is where i can applied my long ago learned process control class05:42
azonenbergYou should probably move this discussion to ##electronics05:42
azonenbergi'm kind of busy and dont have time to talk too much now05:42
hideoah it's ok05:42
hideoi feel dumb in there05:43
azonenberglol. and you dont feel dumb here?05:43
azonenbergmost of the stuff going on here is more advanced :P05:43
hideowell, litho is kinda what i do for a living05:43
azonenbergoh, i see05:43
azonenbergyou work in litho process development?05:43
hideoi have virtually no idea what they talk about most of the time in ##electronics05:43
azonenbergor as a technician?05:43
hideoi'm a process engineer05:43
azonenbergok, i see05:44
azonenbergwhere at?05:44
hideosee pm05:44
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