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lekernelazonenberg: btw I don't think it would be possible to use a cd/dvd writer - those need the factory-made "groove track" to position the beam15:27
lekernelI think you could merely reuse the laser diode, not much more...15:28
azonenberglekernel: thats what i meant17:24
azonenbergi'd use a bluray diode and a full custom mounting rig17:24
azonenbergobnauticus: Things have been going slow lately with school but things are coming along18:47
obnauticusnow i do azonenberg18:47
obnauticusi have a bunch of chemistry equipment18:47
obnauticusand access to an e-beam and stuff18:47
Action: azonenberg drools18:47
obnauticusso i guess I could actually help18:47
azonenbergevaporator or lithography?18:48
obnauticuselectron beam18:48
azonenberge-beam without context could mean either18:48
obnauticusand photolithography18:48
azonenbergIs that in a real cleanroom or somebody's basement, though?18:48
obnauticusIt's a real class 1 clean room18:48
obnauticusthat I have access to18:48
azonenbergclass 1? Shiny18:48
azonenbergthe one at my school is class 10018:48
obnauticusdurpoopoo has one18:48
obnauticussuper sexy18:48
obnauticusI have an elipsometer and stuff18:48
obnauticusGA tech tried to make a comporable one18:49
obnauticusran out of funding ion the middle of construction18:49
obnauticusthey tried to make it 1/3 bigger than ours18:49
obnauticusbut instead it is 1/3*ours18:49
obnauticusbecause $$$18:49
obnauticusPurdue has $e8's for research18:49
azonenbergRight now the project is on hold until my roommate gets a few more parts to get his lathe up and running18:50
azonenbergthen we're making a better spin coater18:50
azonenbergthe current one is made from 2x4s and a power drill18:50
obnauticusI have access to an entire machine shop too18:50
obnauticuswith HAAS CNC and shit18:50
obnauticusthat's jank18:50
obnauticusI have 3 machine shops18:50
obnauticuspurdue is fucking awesome18:50
azonenbergWe're trying to avoid using too many fancy resources when possible though18:50
obnauticusfor obvious reasons18:50
azonenbergsince the whole point is to keep it DIY accessible18:50
obnauticusbut for testing and proof of concept for methods18:50
obnauticusi can test fancy stuff18:50
azonenbergOh, yeah18:50
obnauticusjust fyi18:50
azonenbergI have access to a filament evaporator outside the cleanroom (easier/cheaper to get time on)18:51
azonenbergthat i've been using for metal deposition18:51
azonenbergand we have a machine shop too18:51
azonenbergBut a lathe in the living room is just so much more fun18:51
obnauticusYou're aware of FSAE, right18:51
obnauticusyou go to RPI so you're bound to have friends on it18:51
azonenbergMy roommate is on it18:51
azonenbergthe other orommate18:51
azonenbergi have four lol18:51
obnauticusI am/was on my university's team18:52
Action: azonenberg uploads pic18:55
azonenbergMy living room18:56
azonenbergin the middle of a few projects so its a tad messy18:56
azonenbergbut you can see some of the lab areas18:57
azonenbergLathe at left, server rack on the right, wet bench just right of center18:57
azonenbergdead center in the far back is the electronics assembly workstation and, behind that, the microscopy bench18:57
azonenberghows that for a home setup? :)18:58
Syncobnauticus: haas machines suck19:00
Syncbut haha, you do all that fancy cleanroom stuff, we just ... don't19:01
obnauticusSync yeah, i know20:10
obnauticushaas aren't that great20:10
obnauticusi have access to actual high quality CNC's as well20:10
obnauticusthe names escape me at the moment20:10
obnauticusit's an MB1020:12
obnauticusand whatever the bigger one is20:12
obnauticusfryer ones though20:12
obnauticusan MB10 and MB1520:14
obnauticusthose are the CNCs i use most of the time20:14
obnauticusone doesn't have an auto tool changer so it works pretty fast20:15
Synctool changers do not hinder machine performance20:27
obnauticusSync they do22:46
obnauticusthey limit your effective range22:46
obnauticusyour Z travel, specifically.22:46
Syncthat depends on the machine, the cnc machines I worked on did not have such issues22:47
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