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--- Mon Jul 9 201200:00
azonenbergo_O the project made hackaday18:31
berndja billion hits on your blog?19:01
azonenbergberndj: the link was to the googlecode page actually19:40
azonenbergnot sure if i can see stats on it19:40
Syncberndj: I want to try the original linde cycle first before I do some other concepts19:49
Syncbut even commercial LN2 generators usually use 3 compressors19:50
Syncone to get the nitrogen up to around 25bar, one for the autocascading cooling system and one to subcool the autocascade19:50
berndjSync: just staged in order to get high enough pressure to make up for losses along the way?19:50
berndjoh, separate systems then?19:51
berndji need to hint to my gyro gearloose pal that this is a worthwhile project19:52
SyncI'll just build a two stage cascading cooling system that will prechill the nitrogen to around -100°C and then pump the n2 through with around 100bar19:52
Syncwhen you use an autocascading system everything is easy besides tuning the system properly19:53
Syncalso getting the gasses is tricky19:54
berndjgetting? you mean not out of the air?21:03
Syncyes buying them21:09
Syncnot the nitrogen, that is pretty easy but the gasses you need in the pre-cooling cycle21:10
berndjyou mean i can't just hook up a bicycle pump to a heat exchanger and a throttle :(21:42
--- Tue Jul 10 201200:00

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