#homecmos IRC log for Saturday, 2012-07-07

--- Sat Jul 7 201200:00
berndjSync: a hapson-linde cycle or something fancier?17:03
Syncberndj: yes linde18:48
Syncbut I'm also planning on a autocascading one18:48
berndjwhat's you take on the DIY quotient of a linde liquefier?18:49
Syncnot much ;)18:49
Syncyou need three compressors and a few HXs18:49
berndjAFAICT it's the heat exchangers that are probably the bottleneck18:49
berndjwhy three?18:49
SyncI want to keep the headpresure on the nitrogen down18:50
berndjyou don't HAVE to return the unliquefied gas into the cycle, no18:50
Syncso I need a cascade to cool the hot gas18:50
berndjwhat sort of pressure do you want to work with?18:50
Syncwell I have a compressor that will do 150bar18:58
--- Sun Jul 8 201200:00

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