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--- Wed Jul 4 201200:00
Syncwater condensated on the cooling lines for the HV supply and shorted stuff out15:25
azonenbergon a happier note my roommate brought his lathe up and is setting it up now15:32
azonenbergi hope to be machining a spin coater chuck in a few days15:32
Syncidk but the dumb machine dies almost weekly :/15:33
Syncwell it is 25 years old but still it should not do that15:37
berndjazonenberg: vaguely like a 4-jaw chuck?15:38
azonenbergberndj: no15:38
azonenbergflat plate with suction15:38
Syncbut now I have free access to ln2 and lithography :)15:38
azonenbergthe hard part is how to make a spinning chuck15:39
azonenbergwith suction15:39
azonenbergmy roommate has some ideas15:39
azonenbergSync: o_O nice15:39
berndjhow do you get the suction through the spinning bit15:39
Synchow fast will it go azonenberg?15:39
azonenbergOpen question, he has some ideas15:39
azonenbergup to ~4k RPM15:39
Syncoh, that should be pretty easy15:39
azonenbergwe'll use a 30k rpm brushless motor and reduce by about 6x with a belt15:39
azonenbergcurrent tentative design is to have a small vacuum reservoir in the chuck15:40
azonenbergand just try to keep leakage rates low enough15:40
azonenbergbut we havent tested to measure actual leakage15:40
Syncjust bore through and attatch a roating coupler15:40
azonenbergThats the other possibility15:40
Syncalso almost every analytic method you would want for wafers :)15:41
azonenbergwhere is this again?15:41
Syncmaterial science lab here at the uni15:41
azonenbergvery nice15:42
azonenbergcleanroom or not?15:42
Syncbut the litho is in a class 10015:42
Syncbut I have nothing to do with them yet15:42
azonenbergcan you do film deposition too?15:42
Syncthat is what I do15:42
Syncinvestigating how germanium transistors could be made on si substrates15:43
Syncwhich is pretty cool15:44
Syncthe issue is that the crystal lattice of ge does not fit the one of si15:45
Syncso you get huge mechanical tensions in the ge layer15:45
azonenbergI can imagine15:45
Syncwhich cause it to crack over about 1ยต15:45
azonenbergAre you doing epitaxy or polycrystalline?15:46
Syncso you sputter a layer of sb15:46
azonenbergBut you do it over a non-Si layer?15:46
Syncsi - sb - ge15:46
azonenbergSo the Si is just a mechanical substrate15:46
azonenbergand isnt electrically active15:46
Syncbecause it is cheep15:46
Syncwell, that is currently investigated15:46
SyncI think somebody here looks into very thin layers of ge on si15:47
Synclike 10nm15:47
Syncalso building a n2 liquifier as a side project :)15:48
Syncazonenberg: just try a rotatable pushin fitting15:54
Syncit might not last a lifetime but it'll work15:54
--- Thu Jul 5 201200:00

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