#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2012-07-01

--- Sun Jul 1 201200:00
azonenberghi hideo02:35
azonenbergMy roommate is finally bringing the lathe up this weekend :D02:36
azonenbergwith any luck in a few days we can get to work on the new spin coater02:36
hideoi think i added this channel to my list but fucking lost the old config file02:36
azonenberg0-4000 RPM, fully variable (brushless DC motor)02:37
hideoi'm gonna follow up on the site now02:37
azonenberg2-inch vacuum chuckl02:37
azonenbergand ethernet connection to a process control server on one of my workstations02:37
azonenbergdont bother, nothign new on the googlecode repo in months02:37
azonenbergschool got in the way, things were slow02:37
hideook, update me?02:37
azonenbergi'm ramping up again now that its summer, got lots of new equipment in the lab02:37
azonenbergmy new roommate is into MEMS too02:38
azonenbergand is a mechanical engineer02:38
azonenbergso he's going to be helping me out with a lot of the tooling02:38
azonenbergon the todo for the summer are a nice spin coater and a 2-inch H-line contact mask aligner02:38
azonenbergplus, if we have time, DC sputtering02:38
hideowhat feature size are you targeting again?02:40
azonenbergMy current short-term goal is to get contact litho working at 12.5um features02:42
hideoand wafer size?02:42
azonenberg2 inch02:42
azonenberg8000DPI film masks from laserlab.com cost about $60 per 10x16 inch sheet (12x18 but there are margins)02:42
azonenbergthat's enough for a full 2-inch mask set if you cut it up02:42
azonenbergi'm giving up on in-house mask fab for now, at $60 per mask its not really worth spending >$1k on tooling02:43
hideoso what about the projection system?02:44
hideobtw azonenberg, do you happen to know where to source teflon coated tubes?02:45
azonenbergprojection is back burnered02:47
azonenbergthe FOV was too small to work out02:47
azonenbergwithout massively bigger and more expensive optics02:47
azonenbergbut on the other hand, it's possible to do contact with no optics at all02:48
azonenberghideo: what about it?03:22
hideoazonenberg: oh nothing, just thought it maybe useful if you didn't already look at it03:22
azonenbergLol no, i've seen it and then some03:22
--- Mon Jul 2 201200:00

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