#homecmos IRC log for Thursday, 2012-06-21

--- Thu Jun 21 201200:00
kimjongunwhat do you all think of vacuum annealing? is inert gas annealing better?16:48
azonenbergAre you talking for diffusion?16:48
kimjongunlike to relieve stress16:48
azonenbergor RTA after ion implantation16:49
kimjonguni'm new sorry. rta?16:49
azonenbergrapid thermal anneal16:49
kimjongunhmm okay16:49
azonenbergAnd well, i have never done vacuum anneals16:50
azonenbergmost of my work so far has been MEMS16:50
azonenbergso i dont do any doping yet16:50
azonenbergwhen i do dope it will be surface diffusions from doped spin-on glass16:50
azonenberg(in air)16:50
azonenbergSince i'll do an HF strip anyway i dont care about the surface oxidizing16:52
azonenbergand the SOG will be a partial diffusion barrier16:52
azonenbergif i did need to do a non-oxidizing furnace run i'd use Ar most likely16:52
--- Fri Jun 22 201200:00

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