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--- Sat Jun 9 201200:00
B0101hi azonenberg02:29
B0101after months of searching, i someone who could build a small NMR spectrometer02:42
B0101*i found02:42
B0101now things are going to get fun...02:42
azonenbergi'm working on making an interferometer02:43
azonenbergso i can do precision x/y positioning02:43
azonenbergi want to build my own microposoitioners using homemade leadscrews and interferometers02:43
B0101and yes, for some reason, HF prices dropped to unbelievable prices02:47
B0101you can guess the price for 24% HF here02:48
B0101for some reason, they dropped the price to $1.55 SGD ($1.20 USD)02:50
B0101and that is per liter02:51
B0101azonenberg: do you have experience with computer hardware?03:51
azonenbergTo what extent03:52
azonenbergi'm designing a laptop at the gate level if thats what you mean :p03:52
azonenbergi know less about x8603:52
B0101as in normal diagnosis of computer hardware?03:52
azonenbergNot as much03:53
B0101shouldn't have bought a system without manuals... sigh03:55
B0101of course, none of us will be like: oh cool, system is down, yay!03:57
B0101hmm, putting the processor into the secondary CPU socket did the trick?!?06:04
B0101hmm, error W/O error message has been logged???06:42
B0101what on earth?06:42
azonenbergno idea07:29
B0101now this has changed my perspective on HP servers...07:33
B01011 word, unreliable07:33
B0101i'm just going to install ubuntu anyway07:35
Syncmy d8b started to piss oil17:19
Synccurrently trying to figure out where it comes from17:24
Syncprobably the rear shaft seal17:24
Syncalso ??? is going on with my gauge17:55
Syncuh, now it seems to be tight, what the hell18:13
Syncok crap. it really is the rear seal19:52
--- Sun Jun 10 201200:00

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