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azonenbergkristianpaul: well, the beginnings of it00:01
azonenbergTracking down bugs in the CPU one at a time00:02
azonenbergi got it to run a matrix multiply compiled with gcc a few weeks ago00:02
azonenbergearlier today i got it to work with caching enabled (sometimes a cache miss would result in an instruction getting skipped in a branch delay slot)00:02
azonenbergbut now it fails when i compile with -O00:03
kristianpauli guess eventually you're going release this work, or is part of university research for now and your paid work?00:13
azonenbergThe core CPU is already available on google code at http://code.google.com/p/utica-softcore/source/list00:20
azonenbergi will be making a private fork for my thesis work once i have the baseline CPU finished00:20
azonenbergand then most likely releasing the fork separately once i publish my thesis00:20
azonenbergall commits up to r181 were imported from my internal repository, then i synced it to google code and started using that as the primary00:21
kristianpaulah, i missed that repo (utica)00:21
azonenbergBtw i'm having some trouble in my elf-to-binary conversion00:22
azonenbergwhen i turn on -O strings are shwoing up in wierd sections like .rodata.str1.4 instead of .rodata00:22
azonenbergso my linker script and objdump that generates a flat binary will fail to find it00:23
azonenbergand the executable gets truncated00:23
azonenberghow can i force it to put them in .rodata?00:23
berndjazonenberg, can't you tell the linker to lump it all together? something like .rodata (.rodata.*)?14:32
berndjor add -fno-function-sections or whatever the equivalent is for data14:32
berndjor is this not the GNU tools?14:32
azonenbergberndj: i did add -fno-data-sections but that didnt work15:35
azonenbergi found out how to tweak the linker script so it worked, though15:35
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