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B0101hi azonenberg02:36
B0101well, it seems that the data i have about the chemicals to make photoresist is very vague, even with patent data sheets02:38
B0101but there is a patent data sheet that says something about silver halide02:39
B0101but then, AgCl is a silver halide02:40
B0101but then my data about DNQ is very vague02:41
B0101hey wait, just saw something interesting02:42
B0101hi azonenberg14:38
B0101this is the resist i got from my frist DNQ experiment, it failed, but here is the picture: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=807914:43
B0101sorry for low quality14:43
azonenbergWere you just trying to synthesize DNQ or a full epoxy resin etc?14:44
B0101i was trying to synthesize DNQ14:44
azonenbergAnd i hope you did the actual synthesis in subdued light :p14:44
B0101i did the synthesis in red light14:44
B0101and i did not directly expose to the light14:45
azonenbergThat should work, iirc dnq starts to be sensitive around green and peaks in the blue to near UV14:45
azonenbergHow did you test the result?14:45
azonenbergi dont know enough about DNQ to know how to tell if a mystery substance actually is it or not lol14:46
B0101apply, spin in spin coater, and shine on mask (nothing happened, developed nothing)14:46
B0101*as in shine mask directly on resist coated board14:46
azonenbergI dont think that would make a difference from what i remember14:46
azonenbergDNQ doesnt itself degrade14:47
azonenbergi think DNQ upon exposure produces some other compound that increases solubility of novolac-epoxy resins14:47
azonenbergin alkaline solutions14:47
B0101i will find the book14:51
azonenbergthis is about somethign else14:52
azonenbergbut seems t ohave a backgroudn section on dnq-novolac14:52
azonenbergSo unless you do testing for the pH change from photoacids you wont see any changes in pure DNQ14:53
B0101azonenberg: Do you think that throwing large chunks of sodium into a pond is wrong?16:52
azonenbergI doubt the fishies like the sudden pH increase, if thats what you mean17:07
B0101well, i don't like it when people throw alkali metals into ponds17:13
B0101especially at night17:14
azonenbergI'm sure its healthy for people nearby too17:14
azonenbergWhy do you mention... did it happen recently around you?17:14
B0101well, just now, somebody had to throw sodium into a pond which is just opposite my lab17:15
B0101and i can be startled by sudden sounds, especially at night17:16
azonenbergoh joy17:16
B0101well, i scared them off... with my screams... (that was not intended)17:23
soul-dwell then i would be mad  since people might think it was you dumping lab stuff :P17:24
B0101at least this lab is built somewhere far from residential areas... (or i'll really expect the police to arrest me by now)17:29
B0101now how did they get sodium? i don't know and won't want to know17:31
soul-d:) then i won't speculate :P   but could be anywhere17:32
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