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Sync_win. the wafer roboter stopped shooting wafers into the walls of the chamber16:29
azonenbergSync_: that sounds like a good thing16:32
Action: soul-d imagining some one modified a clay pigeon shooting device for wafers 17:17
azonenbergAnd you shoot them with a FIB? :p17:18
azonenbergPULL! *blow away some PIC12F683s with overetched M3*17:18
azonenbergPULL! *process characterization wafer is blown to smithereens*17:19
soul-dwhats a fib  ? fast inair beam17:19
azonenbergfocused ion beam17:19
azonenbergwhich wont work outside a vacuum and is thus highly impractical for skeet shooting17:19
soul-dyou probably  also would like to get rid of gravity if you want to have an effect on it i guess17:25
Sync_it is azonenberg19:33
Sync_the most annoying thing was after you waited 2 weeks for the system to pump down the first waver does not go into the process chamber but BAM right into the wall19:34
azonenbergtwo weeks? What is this19:34
azonenbergthe longest pump-down delay i've seen was ~2 hrs on a sputtering system19:34
Sync_azonenberg: well, it is an experimental production solution22:34
azonenbergoh, i see22:35
Sync_and we need to get around 10^-9 to 10^-10mbar in there22:35
Sync_we have a xrf and such in there, this is why we have the waver handler22:35
Sync_I also do waver calibration, which is insanely boring22:37
Sync_well, you sit infront of the xray and write down the orientation22:53
azonenbergwhen you say calibration22:55
azonenbergdo you mean finding the exact angle of the crystal structure to the flat?22:56
azonenbergSince i know flats are normally only within a degree or so22:56
Sync_I determine them to about .05°22:57
azonenbergAnd what are they used for after that?22:57
azonenbergKOH and related etches are the only situations i know of that you need orientation that precisely22:57
Sync_mostly experiments with epitactic surface coating22:57
Sync_and isfets22:58
azonenbergEpitaxy, that'd do it22:58
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