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--- Thu May 17 201200:00
B0101hi azonenberg19:41
B0101good news, i've got someone to help out with the photoresist19:42
azonenbergNice :)19:42
B0101well, he's better in O-chem than me actually19:47
azonenbergAre you going to try and synthesize DNQ?19:51
azonenbergor use a different chemistry19:51
B0101we will try to synthesize DNQ19:51
azonenbergNice, i wish you luck19:54
azonenbergmy ochem knowledge is so minimal i dont know if its trivial or super complex lol19:54
B0101for now, i will be trying to program and build an automatic chemical synthesizer19:56
B0101I also have to develop a cleaning agent... well, so many things to do that i find myself stuck in the lab for more than 12 hours...19:58
azonenberglol the life of a nerd19:58
azonenbergBetter to be in a lab for 12 hours than working as a janitor or something, though19:58
B0101well, most of us may have been exposed to a chemistry set when we're young20:01
B0101used to play with certain chemicals to make fire crackers... until the government banned fire crackers because its a fire hazard20:03
azonenbergI got into non-chemical projectile launchers20:03
B0101for weapons?20:05
azonenbergYes, it's made of legos20:05
azonenbergSemiautomatic, 7-round removable box magazine20:05
B0101that looks like it took a lot of time to build and test20:07
azonenbergLol yes it did20:07
azonenbergMost people have never heard of semiauto blowguns lol20:07
azonenbergi had a sensor across the barrel so right after i stop blowing it'd cycle the bolt and load the next shot20:08
azonenbergtwo breaths, two shots20:08
B0101ah, i see20:09
azonenbergIf you look closely you can see a PIC18F1320 in the stock20:09
B0101yup, saw it20:10
azonenberghttp://colossus.cs.rpi.edu/pictures/2009/May/5-10-2009%20-%20tissue%20guns/S7307439_sm.jpg breadboarded sensor prototype20:11
azonenberghttp://colossus.cs.rpi.edu/pictures/2009/May/5-10-2009%20-%20tissue%20guns/S7307444_sm.jpg first functional protoype with a bolt-action assembly, hopper magazine (no springs), and sensors20:12
azonenbergthe main body of the blowgun i had already but it was a pump action, this was a semiauto upgrade20:12
B0101for some reason, i can't stop looking at the pictures...20:14
azonenbergLol let me find a video, sec20:14
azonenbergi put a camera behind the sights20:16
azonenbergand filmed myself doing target practice20:16
azonenbergthis was on the older pump-action model20:16
B0101wow, did i just get disconnected without being disconnected?20:20
azonenbergI didnt see you disappear20:20
B0101well, for soem reason, the irc server i'm on changed suddenly20:21
azonenberglol odd20:22
B0101but well, if i try to replicate your gun... no one will be happy (i shoot things at people)20:24
B0101except real bullets of course20:24
B0101well, i have to say, nice gun20:25
azonenbergI mostly used it for shooting Lego guys20:25
azonenbergI liked it because unlike a real firearm i could do target practice anywhere20:25
azonenbergsince the rounds had so little penetration20:26
azonenbergAt really close range they'd nick drywall but at more than a few feet they'd just bounce off20:26
B0101even if i had your lego gun, i just can't bring it overseas... (want to try this with my cousin, just that customs banned toy guns)20:28
azonenbergBring legos20:28
azonenbergassemble on site :p20:28
azonenbergAnd a couple of drinking straws lol20:29
B0101thats what i'll do20:29
azonenbergYou're then fully compliant with the letter and spirit of the law20:29
azonenbergsince legos look nothing like a weapon20:29
azonenbergand are of course quite harmless20:29
azonenbergIn case you're interested the standard high-power rifle scope dovetail - I think it's 3/8"20:30
azonenbergis almost exactly the right size to clip onto two rows of Lego studs20:30
azonenbergthe sight on there is a cheap $30 red-dot sight i bought at a hunting store, then just screwed on like i'd mount it on a rifle lol20:30
azonenbergThe hardest part of these things is finding two sizes of straw that fit tightly inside each other20:32
azonenbergand also are the correct inside diameter to hold knex rods or your projectil of choice20:33
B0101i sense that the lab may be calling me again...20:41
--- Fri May 18 201200:00

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