#homecmos IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-05-15

B0101hello azonenberg13:28
azonenberghow's the photoresist going?13:29
B0101no good progress... I will be copying the scribbled notes onto a proper lab notebook13:30
B0101before any more experiments13:30
azonenbergi see13:31
B0101ever heard of PET plastic used as a substrate?13:32
B0101they have been using those as substrates for OLED devices13:33
B0101Indium tin oxide is used as a transparent anode13:36
B0101but it breaks easily13:37
azonenbergmust be a pain to process13:39
azonenbergi dont think its compatible with most resist strippers13:40
Action: Sync_ electrolyses his second recipient18:28
Sync_I hope the rust and scale finally decides to go away18:28
--- Wed May 16 201200:00

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