#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2012-05-13

B0101hi azonenberg02:04
azonenbergDid you end up ordering any of that quartz?02:05
B0101yup... but it has not arrived02:05
azonenbergShipping... the bane of every experimenter02:06
B0101my preferred shipping option: portals02:06
azonenbergi wish02:06
B0101well, it it exists, it would be the fastest way to buy stuff02:08
B0101if it ever exists... we will have a few issues...02:14
B0101if thieves get their hands on one... shoot portal in to victims house02:15
azonenbergYou'd have to have an open window02:16
azonenbergotherwise the portal just appears on a window02:16
B0101but still... there may be one way to prevent this...02:16
B0101how aperture does it: make it as expensive as hell that no one can afford it02:16
B0101another way: use big sized portal generators on both the sender and the receiver's end02:20
B0101and then lock the system with a password02:20
B0101with very strong encryption02:21
B0101as for the quartz glass... it can wait. we all need to have a bit of patience sometimes. (though it will be hard)02:22
B0101azonenberg: have you ever though about making your own photoresist?02:25
azonenbergNo, i dont have the o-chem background to try synthesizing DNQ02:26
B0101well, i might be on to something...02:29
azonenbergdo tell02:29
azonenbergDNQ or another photoactive compound?02:29
B0101i have been doing experiments on AgCl... It seems like i might be able to make a developer that removes Ag remains after the exposure of a certain area of light without touching the AgCl02:32
azonenbergThe problem is that its metal based02:32
azonenbergnot sure if it'd be CMOS compatible02:32
azonenbergyou could probably use it for MEMS though02:32
B0101ouch... i forgot02:34
B0101exposure might need to be done in a hood02:34
B0101AgCl when exposed to light breaks into Ag and Cl02:35
azonenbergOh joy02:35
azonenbergworse yet02:35
azonenbergit'll corrode your exposure system02:35
azonenbergi'm sticking with DNQ-novolac02:35
B0101ok... maybe i'll have to try something else...02:37
B0101hi azonenberg12:59
azonenbergAny luck on the homebrew resist?13:00
B0101i wasn't able to get a proper image (some parts of the resist do not work)13:01
azonenbergi see13:01
azonenbergWhy are you trying this - do you not have a source for regular resist?13:01
B0101i know where to get regular resist, but i am trying this for people who may not have such access to these chemicals13:02
azonenbergI see13:03
azonenbergDo you think you could synthesize a DNQ-novolac resist?13:03
azonenbergi dont know anything about the chemistry behind that13:03
B0101i will be doing research on them tomorrow.13:05
B0101now god knows how long i've been here in the lab13:06
B0101well, i think i might have some old patents for DNQ-novolac photoresists. I will try to find them13:07
Action: B0101 goes to get a cup of coffee13:08
B0101azonenberg: fact: AgCl is able to cure mercury poisoning13:24
azonenbergLol, you do that13:25
azonenbergi'm writing FPGA code now13:25
azonenbergand wondering when i'll be able to find time to finish designing my rev2 spin coater13:26
soul-dfrom coffee to mercury poisoning mmm    "this new silvery coffeemilk  looks posh ? "13:28
Action: B0101 does know what to do except laugh at previous comment13:34
soul-dfinally nice weather arriving  here13:52
soul-dwich means hibernation is over and should be able to spend some energy again13:54
Action: azonenberg didnt know geeks hibernated13:58
azonenbergi thought they just crawled deep into their caves13:58
soul-dnah lost to much weight again so winters are terrible  anything below 10C  for that matter14:03
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