#homecmos IRC log for Sunday, 2012-04-29

B0101hello azonenberg04:19
azonenbergTrying to find a good supplier for quartz glassware lol04:22
B0101me too04:22
B0101supplier has now declared bankrupt...04:23
B0101my mates are going to kill me if they know i'm making fuming nitric acid04:24
reportingsjrdon't make it fume :)04:26
reportingsjrB0101: why do you need such a high concentration?04:26
B0101i have to demonstrate passivation to a chemistry class04:27
B0101and i thought, why not use fuming nitric acid on some copper metal04:28
B0101and i think i'm may kill people with the fumes04:29
azonenberghow much are you making04:30
azonenbergand i hope you're in a hood04:30
B0101about 70% concentrate, and yes, i am using a fume hood04:30
B0101ouch, i forgot that my distiller had been broken... great04:34
Action: B0101 is probably turning crazy04:38
B0101does anyone here know the freezing point of H3PO4?04:47
reportingsjryou left?05:22
azonenbergi AFKed05:24
azonenbergjust got C running on my softcore :D05:24
wolfspra1lwhich softcore?05:33
azonenberghomebres MIPS105:33
azonenberg6,000 lines of verilog written over the last month05:34
reportingsjrazonenberg: that's pretty awesome :)05:57
azonenbergreportingsjr: http://pastebin.com/FTSgJ0Jm05:57
azonenbergnote the section directives all over the place, i havent finished tweaking the linker script yet05:58
azonenbergbut this should light up 0x55 on the LED array05:58
azonenbergand print the string to the UART at 115.2 kbps05:58
azonenbergi'm about to test05:58
azonenberg http://pastebin.com/bkKNfpn9is the header05:59
azonenbergsorry, last link was bad05:59
azonenbergthats the header05:59
azonenbergfirst is the source05:59
reportingsjrazonenberg: very nice!05:59
azonenbergi havent tested :p05:59
azonenbergan earlier program that just was LEDBANKA = 0x55 worked06:00
reportingsjrazonenberg: now, did you have to name the registers like LEDBANKA in the verilog?06:00
azonenbergi defined them as absolute addresses in the verilog06:01
azonenbergthen linked with http://pastebin.com/q0Uth9ER06:01
azonenbergjust ran it06:02
azonenbergit worked :D06:02
reportingsjrahhh, ok. I see about the registers06:09
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