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B0101hi azonenberg07:57
B0101guess what... HF acid now costs $250 per 1L bottle07:58
azonenbergIn what purity grade though07:58
azonenbergand 1L is a LOT07:59
B0101Reagent ACS grade07:59
azonenbergNot trace metal?07:59
azonenbergCant say thats surprising07:59
azonenbergReagent grade stuff is rarely cheap07:59
azonenbergfrom reputable suppliers08:00
azonenbergAnd a liter of HF is a LOT08:00
B0101i know08:00
azonenberglike, i normally work with 1ml or less08:00
azonenbergof 3%08:00
azonenbergi assume that price is concentrated?08:00
azonenbergI would not want concentrated HF in my current lab lol08:00
B010199.6% purity08:00
azonenberg99.6% HF???/08:00
B0101according to catalogue08:01
azonenbergthat has to be compressed gas or something08:01
azonenbergyou cant get it liquid at above about 50%08:01
azonenbergits always a solution in water08:01
azonenberg99% has to be anhydrous hydrogen fluoride gas08:01
azonenbergeven nastier than the liquid08:01
B0101i know, but that is what is written on the catalogue, liquid form, 99.6%08:01
azonenbergLiquid compressed gas or something?08:02
B0101liquid compressed gas08:02
azonenbergas in stored under pressure in a cylinder08:02
azonenbergIn any case08:02
azonenbergI normally work with 3% lol08:02
azonenbergand i cant imagine any application you'd need above like 20% for semiconductors08:02
azonenbergI'd suggest quite strongly you get a lower concentration08:03
azonenbergeven if it ends up costing more since you need to buy more of it08:03
azonenbergit's at least a little bit less likely to kill you if something goes wrong08:03
azonenbergi'm paranoid about 3% lol08:04
azonenbergfume hood, full face shield, silver shield gloves, etc08:04
azonenbergAnd this is for a concentration they used to sell at the local grocery store08:04
B0101heh, 1L is the lowest volume the supplier sells08:05
azonenbergVolume doesnt matter08:05
azonenbergIts concentration08:05
azonenbergI'd rather have a lot of weak than a little strong08:05
B0101i know, but it seems crazy to have such concentration of HF acid08:06
azonenbergNo idea08:06
azonenbergAll i can say is, i would not want to get in the same room as that bottle :p08:06
B0101i wonder if HCl acid at 10% concentartion work as a lab glassware cleaner...08:08
B0101I remember that there was a certain chemical that cleans glassware. just that it was a known carcinogen, emits deadly fumes and impossible to get rid of safely08:10
azonenbergchromic acid08:11
azonenbergI clean most of my glassware with distilled water and Alconox detergent08:12
azonenbergThe combination is unfortunately not CMOS compatible, i think08:12
azonenbergi'll have to get all new stuff when i start doing CMOS08:12
azonenbergi've used KOH or NaOH in almost evrery beaker i have08:12
azonenbergand i cant tell the ones i havent from the ones i have08:12
azonenbergBut for now doing PCB etching etc its not a big concern08:12
azonenbergor metal patterning08:12
azonenbergor KOH etching :p08:12
B0101heh, well, i've gtg, i have got an experiment to run. cya08:13
Syncazonenberg: I have a 10l canister of "concrete cleaner"09:45
Syncit says 30% HF and the rest H2SO4 on the label09:46
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