#homecmos IRC log for Thursday, 2012-04-05

azonenbergkanzure: you cant00:58
azonenbergits a 6to4 tunnel00:58
azonenbergto my apartment00:58
azonenbergi go to RPI00:58
azonenbergpoptire: and i'm the founder of the homecmos project00:58
azonenbergits slow going because i have a lot going on00:59
azonenbergi'm trying to get nickel deposition working soon00:59
kanzureah i see01:00
ParahSailin_azonenberg, certainly a challenging project03:36
ParahSailin_what are your goals for homecmos03:36
azonenbergAs far as i can take it03:37
azonenbergshort term, build a comb drive and then a CD4000 series part03:37
azonenberglonger term, a 400403:37
azonenbergeven longer, scale down to 500 or 350nm03:37
ParahSailin_comb drive?03:42
ParahSailin_ah ok03:43
ParahSailin_this more for fun than as a useful thing?03:44
azonenbergfor now, yes03:49
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